Cheap eats: Pars Deli

photo / Kristin Hillery Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Chicken shawarma and soup at Pars Deli 

I’ve had many arguments over who has the best gyro or falafel in town. The conversation typically ends up with people constructing the perfect wrap with ingredients from all over town. Every time, the bread from Pars Deli makes the short list. The gyro meat, shawarma meat, and falafel patties are pretty darn good. Their status as the best is debatable. People come for the bread – 1/3 of an inch thick, fluffy, and with the perfect amount of oil in the dough. The texture yields to your tongue as it melts away. I’m sure the breadless items on the menu are great; it’s just impossible to abstain from that flatbread. A wrap is around $5 and you can get a combo for $7, which includes a wrap, choice of a side (such as lentil soup, cold yogurt soup, fava beans, or saffron and currant rice), and a drink – I suggest the iced tea; it’s served cold and needs neither ice nor sweetener. I think there’s rosewater in it.

photo / Kristin Hillery Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Falafel wrap and Mediterranean potatoes at Pars Deli 

If you’re not stuffed afterwards, I advise getting some baklava with pistachio – the traditional way.

Even though it’s hard, you should try everything on their fairly priced menu. And check out the grocery section where you can buy supplies to make everything yourself, but that would deprive you of the proprietors who notice when you get a haircut.

Pars Deli is located on the southwest corner of 183 and Burnet Rd (the same strip mall as Trudy’s North Star) and is open from 9am–8pm every day except Sunday (noon–5pm). The address is 8820 Burnet Rd.


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I love Pars. They’ve gradually transformed from only two or three tables and a much bigger grocery section with multiple aisles to a restaurant with some groceries. It’s clear how they’re making their money. There’s always a big lunch crowd. The food is good and cheap. The owner is very hospitable. I recommend getting the complimentary hot tea with your baklava.

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I love their hot tea! It’s made just right and perfect for a rare cold day in Austin. I usually get a gyro and add a spring greek salad on the side. It costs a little extra, but it’s one of the best that I’ve had here in Austin.

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My favorite thing here is the chicken kebab plate — it comes with butter and tomatoes that you’re supposed to mix into the rice. And the iced tea is also pretty amazing.