Conans Pizza

Rating: four starsPrice: average
  • Salad: $3.59
  • 14-inch pizza: $18
  • 12-inch pizza: $14
  • 10-inch pizza: $10
Area UT Area
Address 673 W 29, 78705
Phone 512-478-5712
Hours Sun–Thurs: 11a–11p; F–Sat: 11a–12a
Area North
Address 2438 W Anderson Ln, 78757
Phone 512-459-3222
Hours Sun–Thurs: 11a–11p; F–Sat: 11a–12a
Area South
Address 2018 W Stassney Ln, 78745
Phone 512-441-6754
Hours Sun–Thurs: 11a–11p; F–Sat: 11a–12a

About Conans Pizza

After 30 years Conans Pizza is still some of the best around Austin. They specialize in Chicago-style pizza, both deep-dish and thin-crust, white or wheat. You can choose one of their many house pizzas, or get a made to order pie. Or if you’re in the mood for something light, go for a salad.

Pitchers of Fat Tire are only $9.

Conans also delivers.

The walls are plastered with Ken Kelly artwork (Conan the Barbarian’s creator), lending the place an otherworldly ambiance.

If you go to the location on 29th Street, make sure and check out the still-visible skid-marks on the floor where a drunk driver once drove straight through the front of the pizza shop.

photo / Chad Hanna Conans Pizza