Craigslist: Your Bigfoot sighting could be your ticket to Blogspot fame

Have you seen Bigfoot around lately? If you have, Archer Cannon from Liberty Hill, Texas wants you to let him know. He’s starting a blog on the subject and wants to talk about your experiences with you.

From his Craigslist post:

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Bigfoot in Texas?? (Liberty Hill Area)

Hello. I am a native Austinite and my family has been in Texas for years. I have seen a bigfoot, I have heard it screams, and so has my sister, my son, and my brother.. These were all seen at different times; however almost all on the same piece of heavily wooded land in Liberty Hill, Texas. I sent my stories to BFRO, and never heard from them. They do have one story that speaks of a Bigfoot encounter near Lake Travis sometime ago and that is it.

I would like anyone that is serious that thinks they saw one, heard one or found evidence of the existence to please email me so we can discuss the sighting. I am very serious as to what I saw and heard and it changed me from that day forward. I am starting a blog on the subject and I will keep everyone posted as I move forward with my program.

Please no jokes or fake stories.. I will do investigations if people are willing. I do have a degree in Envrironmental Science, and I am an avid Outdoorsman. I tell you this so people understand that I know my animals, the sounds they make and I can tell you I am a believer in BIGFOOT in Texas. Please send stories to my email at, or post a reply here.


Archer Cannon
Liberty Hill, Texas