Dragons having sex with castles (NSFW)

Achtung! The following post is NSFW. In fact, it’s more NSFWTF.

Finally! Another lead in my ongoing quest to chronicle the sexual proclivities of dragons. First cars, now castles:

found at death from below 

Here’s the original image in all its glory.

What I love about this drawing is the level of detail the artist put into his creation. (Before you scream “patriarchy,” can I safely assume that a man drew this? Are there any feminists out there who really want to take me to task on this?)

I’m not talking about the attention paid to quasi-reptilian anatomy. Check out the villagers:

The knights flee the castle’s spire in defeat.
A father restrains his child, who apparently wants to get a closer look.
Two damsels mourn the defiling of their medieval home while their trusty canine companion wags its tail in delight.
Old man Sullivan was so surprised his hat flew off of his head. And he just made that last mortgage payment on his hovel! Aw, shucks. Better luck next time, Sully.
But, alas, there are victims. This poor fellow has been crushed by the undulating tail of a mythical creature in the throes of an equally mythical female orgasm.
Assuming this speck under her, uh, thigh is a person, we’re left to wonder: Where’s he (or she) falling from?


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This is sick and uncalled for. Who likes this stuff? Only perverts that’s who.

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TOP staff

I’m pretty happy about this.

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*dies of hilarity overdose*

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I think i might have died from laughing when i saw this