How much porn can be printed from a single ink cartridge?

howmuchinside_goldschlager.jpg / all rights reserved 750 milliliters of Goldschlager has this much gold inside 

Admit it: You’ve wondered how much gold is inside a bottle of Goldschlager. It’s real gold, so it’s gotta be worth something… right?’s series How Much Is Inside? has answered that very question:

Unfortunately, the gold weighed less than a tenth of a gram (0.1g). It wouldn’t even register on my scale. This thin smear of gold… was worth less than $1.38.

Need to know how many kegs to buy for your upcoming frat party, shithead? Sure, you may know that a 15.5 gallon keg contains roughly 165 cans (6.5 cases) of beer, but how does that translate to red Solo party cups? Cockeyed performed a highly scientific test: They threw a party and counted the drinks. The results? A keg contains 141 cups of beer – and, in the case of their test brew (Michelob), 25,810 calories.

How much “cream” is inside a bag of Oreos? How much fruit is at the bottom of fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt? While everybody knows the average human male contains 6 quarts of blood, how big a pool does that make around a corpse?

howmuchinside_yogurt.jpg / all rights reserved This is what’s inside your yogurt, hippie 

Oh, and to answer the question posed earlier, 42 milliliters of ink yields 146 pages or porn. That’s 100 feet of 8x10 photos lined up side-by-side.