Inspiration: San Francisco’s Victory Garden

Slow Food Nation Victory Garden rendering 

Urban gardens are sprouting up (zing!) in many cities all over the world, since food prices are on the rise, and, well, it’s just a damn good idea.

Yesterday in San Francisco, Slow Food Nation began working on a large victory garden in front of City Hall. This garden is being planted on the same site as the post-World War II gardens 60 years ago, when the nation’s food supplies were low and the economy was in rough shape. At the time, victory gardens across the country – planted on both public and private land – supplied 40 percent of the food surplus. Food grown in the Slow Food Nation Victory Garden in San Francisco will be donated to food banks and people in need.

Featuring a wide variety of heritage organic vegetables suited to the Bay Area microclimate, the garden displays the diversity of urban food production practices. It is a garden of communities: all food grown in the garden will be harvested and donated to those with limited access to healthy organic produce through our partnership with local food banks and meals programs.

Urban gardening is a great idea – and a nice way to get people involved in doing something for their community. You can get involved in Slow Food Nation right here in Austin: Visit No word yet on whether they’re planning to dig up the Capitol grounds to plant a Victory Garden, but that would be sweet.


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TOP editor
Let’s just channel all that money they’re spending on rebuilding the Governor’s mansion into this instead. In fact, let’s just raze the Governor’s mansion since no one lives there anyway and just plant a big-ass garden.
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Really love that idea! The governor should buy his own mansion!! People are hungry, ya’ll.

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I dont know if people saw the story about how while the building was being remodeled the governor rented some huge house way outside of Austin. The reason the distance to the capitol was an issue is because every day a few vans have to pick him up and escort him to Austin wasting money and burning gas.