A completely stereotypical night for UT students

Hey, guess what? It’s the weekend! Unfortunately, you’re a UT freshman with no car. Or maybe you’re a Texas Ex who has hung around Austin for years despite the crappy job market, and now you’re feeling nostalgic for your simpler college days. Or maybe you’re new in town and wondering what those crazy co-eds do for kicks. Well, whoever you are, get ready to enjoy a completely stereotypical night in Austin – Longhorn style.

Meal plan

photo / Philip Kromer 

Start out with everybody’s favorite standby, Kerbey Lane. It doesn’t matter if you begin your evening at 4pm or 2am, because Kerbey is always open. You might have to wait forever for a table, and chances are your cool waiter will be a bit pretentious despite his/her tattoos and funky hair, but it’ll still be fun for people-watching and decent food. Get yourself a breakfast food treat, some vegetarian Tex-Mex, or sweet potato fries. Don’t forget to check out the Kerbey queso.

512-Go!» Kerbey Lane Cafe
2606 Guadalupe St • 477-5717

The underground scene

After you’ve had your fill of Kerbey, head over to the UT Student Union, and take the elevator to the basement. You’ll find a room that looks sort of smoky even though it’s not. Reserve a bowling alley and proceed to play pool and chit-chat while you wait forever to bowl. Oh, did I mention that it’s glow bowling? Studies have proven that black lights make scoring a spare 10 times more satisfying. Right on!

UT Student Union

Union Underground hours
  • Mon-Fri 10am-3am
  • Sat 10:30am-3am
  • Sun 11:30am-3am
Glow Bowl hours
  • Thurs 6pm-3am
  • Fri 5pm-3am
  • Sat 10:30am-3am
  • Sun 11:30am-12am

Caffeine fix

After the Underground, it’s time to head south down the Drag to chillax at Metro, the hippest coffee shop in the vicinity. (It’s right next to the massive Church of Scientology.) Metro might seem a little poser-ish to some, but if you’re 18 and fresh out of the Starbucks-saturated ‘burbs, it is the. coolest. thing. in. the. world. I mean, it has two floors. And worn out funky furniture. I mean, c’mon. If you have $5 to blow on a milkshake, get the chocolate-banana one. Mmm… if that’s poser-dom, it’s never tasted so sweet.

2222 Guadalupe St • 474-5730

Study break

Enough of this kid stuff. Ready to stray from campus and check out the real Austin? That’s right, you’re headed to Sixth Street! Hop on the E-bus at 21st and Speedway, and get off at 7th and San Jacinto. There will be lots of pretty lights and sounds, but look neither right nor left and head to the best stereotypical yet slightly unusual bars you can find, like the Library and the Aquarium. Conveniently located right next to each other, these bars will be full of college students doing very collegey things! Grab a beer, grab an ass (or not, you perv) and have yourself a fabulous time elbowing your way through the crowd and trying to catch the eye of that hottie across the room. Also, one bar has books and the other has aquariums with fish. That’s pretty cool. Just remember to get a bus back before 3am, or you might turn into a drunk person who has to pay cab fare.

512-Go!» The Library
407 E Sixth St • 236-0662

512-Go!» The Aquarium
403 E Sixth St • 499-8003

The cross street for both bars is Trinity.

Ride dirty

Check out the E-bus schedule.