Saturday, January 20th: see. hear. speak. easy.

photo / Marc Majcher 

Celebrating an anniversary? So is ColdTowne. This weekend marks their second annual see. hear. speak. festival. Beginning Thursday, there will be three nights of different types of comedy: film (see.), music (hear.), and one-man shows (speak.). Even though this itinerary is just for Saturday, the third night of the festival (which we’ll refer to as “speak.”), we highly suggest you stop by for the other two nights of the festival. Anyway, let’s get to it:

8pm | Quality Seafood

Enjoy some quality seafood

This place has a very strange mural, but there’s nothing fishy about Quality Seafood – other than the obvious. They serve catfish, salmon, orange roughy, and just about any other fish you can name. Or if you just feel like stuffing your face with oysters, head on over to their Aw Shucks! Oyster Bar; these guys are obviously very clever. But you’d be just as clever if you and your date ate there, because oysters are a known aphrodisiac. We learned that from the Discovery Channel.

Quality Seafood
5621 Airport Blvd • 454-5827

9pm | H-E-B

Grab some quality beer and/or wine

Because those guys at ColdTowne are so nice, they’ve made their theater BYOB. Now, you could take your chances and buy some overpriced Smirnoffs at the Valero next door, but that’d be silly. We’d prefer if you and your date had some selection. Plus, this H-E-B has our favorite cheap wine, El Gato Negro. We don’t know Spanish, so our closest translation is The $7 Wine.

1000 E 41st St • Austin, TX 78751

10pm | see. hear. speak.

See and hear comedians at speak.

If you’re impressed by the stand-up comics at Punchline, then just imagine how impressed you’ll be by the one-man shows at speak. Actually, you don’t have to imagine anything, because right about now you’ll be sitting in ColdTowne’s so-brand-new-it-just-got-its-ass-slapped-by the-doctor theater. There will be about 10 performers, including improv guru Asaf Ronen, LA-based stand-up comic Sean Patton, and Austin’s own Jerm Pollet. Tickets are $10 at the door.

512-Go!» ColdTowne Theater
4803 Airport Blvd • 524-2807

11:30pm | party. party. party.

Afterparty at ColdTowne

You saw some hilarious comedians perform on closing night of a three-day festival. Now it’s time to party with them. All the performers from see. hear. speak. will be at the theater to celebrate the festival, and they’d love it if you danced and boozed the night away with them. Just make sure to save a dance for ColdTowne.

512-Go!» ColdTowne Theater
4803 Airport Blvd • 524-2807

About the author Jill Morris is heavily involved in the Austin comedy scene. She performs with various improv troupes at The Hideout Theatre and ColdTowne Theater, writes sketch comedy shows, and occasionally hits the The Velveeta Room stage on open-mic nights.
Full disclosure Though ColdTowne Theater does advertise on That Other Paper, we can’t ignore that they have some undeniably amazing events going on every week, and this is one of them. We maintain both a business relationship and a friendship with them and are are proud to say we’d still include them in our event listings and features even if this weren’t the case.