Ticky-tacky date

Are you sick and tired of trying to think up creative first dates? We know how it is. Planning a nice evening out in the Capital City can sure be nerve wracking. There are just too many options of where to go and what to do. A zillion different bands playing, fusion cuisine this, happy hour that, plays, shows, special events… really, who needs all that pressure? Take a night off from being an Austinite and spend an evening like the good folks of Plano, Sugarland, or AnyBurb, USA. Whoever you are, this date will impress that special someone so that the evening will end very well indeed… if you know what we mean. Let’s just say you shouldn’t forget your Tic Tacs!

What they call “amore”

photo / rick 

Olive Garden

Start your evening with everyone’s favorite generically delicious Americanized Italian fare. Treat your sweetie to such classic dishes as cheese ravioli and create-your-own pizza. Don’t know much about wine? Don’t panic – your waitperson will help you out. They’ll even let you sample various wines right at your table. Don’t try to get your date a bit tipsy on free wine, though. It’s tempting, sure, but none too classy – at least not this early in the date.

Olive Garden | South
3940 S Lamar Blvd • 440-0131

Olive Garden | 183 and Burnet
8833 Burnet Rd • 459-0701

Turn down the lights

Movie at the megaplex

Take your time at dinner, but pay your check and hit the road in time to make it up to Pflugerville, where you’ll find the best theater in the region, if not the world. You won’t want to miss the 20 minutes of previews at whatever film you decide to watch at this massive, magical movie palace. Exorbitantly expensive popcorn and stadium seating will make your date feel special. The masses of nervous high school kids who are also on dates will help create an ambiance conducive to hand-holding, snuggling, and who knows what else later on.

Tinseltown USA
15436 FM 1825 • Pflugerville, TX 78660

So… you wanna get some coffee?


After the movie, you’ll totally want to make awkward small talk about plot holes while trying to gauge the building sexual tension of the evening. It’s time to get some coffee. Don’t mess with the many hippie-dippie coffee houses around here – go somewhere warm, inviting, and safe. Starbucks is clean, familiar, and never too hard to find. Plus, a $6 venti caramel frappuccino with an extra shot will calm your nerves and go a long way to making your evening a success!

Every street corner • Everywhere you look

Don’t wanna go home just yet?

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Why go to Chili’s when you’ve already had dinner? Well, it’s a bar and grill, after all! Pull up a stool – the bar at any neighborhood Chili’s is a great place to relax with a drink and chat when you and your date are just having too good a time to go home! A Calyspo Cooler or Electric Lemonade make for the perfect end to a perfect date.

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You’ve had a great night – a goodnight kiss should be a go! Rattle out a couple of tiny mints, and let the magic happen.