TOP picks: May 28 - June 3

Monday | May 28

Sol.illaquists of Sound 

Sol.illaquists of Sound

Sol.illaquists of Sound is a progressive hip-hop group riding on the inspirations of various social actions. Packed with funky beats and classical vocal soul style, they are the epitome of the underground hip-hop movement.

10pm | $8

512-Go!» Emo’s (inside)
6th & Red River • 477-3667

Tuesday | May 29

Agree to Disagree by Dennis Hodges 

Ketchup Loves Hotdog

Gallery Lombardi’s current exhibit features eye-popping urban art from local artists, including Bonnie Gammill, Dennis Hodges, David Lozano, Zach McDonald, Matthew Rodriguez, Nate Schnell, and Jason Schmidt. Remember, Lombardi has moved to a new location off Rio Grande, between 7th and 8th streets.

The exhibit will run until June 9th, and is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon–6pm.

Preview more of the exhibit on the Gallery Lombardi website.

noon–6pm | FREE (and free hot dogs!)

512-Go!» Gallery Lombardi
602 W Seventh St Suite A • Austin, TX 78701

Wednesday | May 30

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Badfish, a tribute to Sublime

A Sublime cover band might sounds like a really bad idea, but these guys get it right. Instead of merely duplicating the sound of the ill-fated group, Badfish actually captures their essence, even 10 years later. Apparently their following is huge too, with venues booking this phenomenon selling out regularly.

Still skeptical? Listen to Badfish on their website.

9pm | $12-14

512-Go!» Antone’s
5th and Colorado • 78703

Thursday | May 31

Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious (1946) 


This is an unbelievable Swiss watch of a movie – Hitchcock at his best. See Ingrid Bergman, the fallen woman whose beauty and reputation inspire caddish spy Clark Gable to use her as chum in the water to draw in Nazis so he can spy on them in post-war Rio de Janeiro. See Bergman gladly swap sex for secrets (all delivered with sweet ’40s innuendo, of course) because she really loves Clark. See her reputation cut both ways – don’t you hate that? – when Clark Gable decides she’s a floozy after all and almost lets her get killed. Notorious also features some of Hitchcock’s most sadistic bits of suspense. Love it.

7pm | $7/$5 students & seniors

Paramount Theatre
713 Congress Ave • Austin, TX 78701

Friday | June 1

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Count Dracula’s Weed Smuggling Jam Engine

This band is amazing, and not just because of their name. When they start playing, you’ll probably think, “Awww, what pretty piano-ing” – but wait until lead singer Smokey Farris opens his mouth. Lyrics like “‘For this love, I’d shave my balls,’ cries Jesus” make Count Dracula’s Weed Smuggling Jam Engine one band you’ll be talking about long after the show’s over.

Check out their MySpace page

9pm | FREE

The Parlor
100B E North Loop • 454-8965

Saturday | June 2

Two Two: A Pas de Deux (de Deux!) of Comedy Duos

This new weekly series at Salvage Vanguard Theater features two comedic duos at each show. Gnap! Theater Projects and improv troupe Get Up are producing it, and they want you to think of it as a “celebration of one of America’s most cherished art forms: two people on stage together making people laugh.” Simple enough. The first show in the series, tonight’s Two Two stars Get Up and the Ratgirls.

10:30pm | $7-10

Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 Manor Road • 447-7825

Sunday | June 3

Adult Swim’s Saul of the Mole Men 

[adult swim] Returns

Adult Swim comes out of winter hibernation to return to their original location. And we’re all so glad.

  • 8p free pizza from Rockin’ Tomato
  • 8p Troy Dillinger
  • 8:45p burlesque by Miss Maulie
  • 9p Hellapeno
  • 9:45p Space Ghost Game Show
  • 10p [adult swim] on an ENORMOUS SCREEN

8pm | $5 (21+); $8 (18+)

Austin Daze
1300 E 4th St • 78702


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Hey Top and Friends!

We’ve been busy. Come see the new shows.

*** Shameless self-promo to follow***

Just wanted to spread the word about our next work of fantastical proportions. Portraits, a festival of sorts, consists of seven original plays, written and performed by Renei Sims, Kathryn West, Levi Packer, Maggie Gallant and Laurie Coker, with special Equity guests Tish Brandt and Jodi Jinks. When: May 31st-June 10th Where: The City Theatre.

Come see all the shows for free tonight, Wednesday May 30th during the preview/final dress rehearsal. Why pay to see one old play when you can see seven knew ones for free?



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I loved Tish and Maggie! I think maybe Jodie jink had a bad nite the night i saw her……………..rambling……….not too clever stuff!