Game’s on: Where to watch the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLI | Sunday, February 4 | 5:25pm

photo / Paul Friel “I’m gonna blog about the Big Game on MySpace! Then I’m gonna upload videos of me reading my blog on YouTube! Then I’m gonna put pictures of myself watching my videos on Flickr! I long for human contact!” 

If you’re like me, you were surprised to hear that [TEAM ANIMAL NAME 1] is playing [TEAM ANIMAL NAME 2] in the Super Bowl this year. I always thought a super bowl was filled with Lucky Charms! Anyway, if you’re looking for a place to watch the game, here are a few ideas:

Alamo Drafthouse | Downtown

Watch the game on the big screen – the Drafthouse is showing the Super Bowl for free, but you’ve gotta either get there early or buy a $5 food and drink voucher to guarantee a seat.

512-Go!» Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz
409 Colorado St. • 476-1320

Plucker’s | West Campus

Plucker’s has enough TVs and overpriced food to keep you entertained through at least the second inning.

2222 Rio Grande • Austin, TX 78705

Freddie’s Place | South 1st Street

Freddie’s backyard patio is another good bet. Just grab a seat that isn’t directly under that tree full of birds.

512-Go!» Freddie’s Place
1703 S 1st St • Austin, TX 78704

The Yellow Rose | Lamar

Hey man, did you come here to watch the chicks or the game? Both at once? Right on, brother – you are the man, my dude! I am very lonely.

The Yellow Rose
6528 N Lamar Blvd • Austin, TX 78752

Your place | Comfy

Beer? Check. Chips and salsa? Check, check. Good call. Can I come over? Text me!

photo / Chris Kirkman “Sometimes I wonder what the point of all this is!” 

Cool. Well, if I missed anything, just Skype my Yahoo! Gmail account. Or meet me in Second Life. I’ll be hanging out in Amsterdam 2.0. L8r, yo.


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