John Cornyn goes viral

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Republican US Senator John Cornyn Big John is taking a page out of Bush’s book for his re-election campaign – he’s channeling the Texas Cowboy. Cornyn’s latest campaign ad features a slideshow of Cornyn in cowboy garb set to music that sounds like the guy that writes Hallmark cards, Johnny Cash, and tribal Africa got high and decided to write a song about politics. According to Cornyn’s spokespeople, the ad was intended as a “light-hearted, humorous piece” just for the Texas State Convention, but of course they knew that something that ridiculous would get out. The video went viral and even Jon Stewart made fun of it.

Now I’m going to vote for Big Bad John



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http://www.texasmonthly. com/preview/2008-07-01/feature4