Lady Bird Lake shores saved from overdevelopment

photo / Sprosten_Green Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-No Derivatives 2.0 

The shores of Lady Bird Lake have been saved from the evil developers!

For the past two years,, South River City Citizens, and CWS Capital Partners, LLC have been in discussions about just how developed Lady Bird Lake should be. Citizen activist group was concerned over developers’ plans to violate the Waterfront Overlay Ordinance, which requires buildings to be set 200 feet off the shoreline. The South River City Citizens, the neighborhoods adjacent to the lake, were concerned about the effect overdevelopment would have on their neighborhood. CWS Capital Partners, LLC, which owns the land around the lake, wanted to strike a balance between development and preservation of one of Austin’s defining characteristics, Lady Bird Lake.

The three groups have finally reached an agreement. The new plan will add 1.5 acres of parkland, extend the Hike and Bike Trail, ensure all buildings are 200 feet from the shore, and cap building height at 96 feet. is ecstatic about this agreement, as it promises them everything they’ve been pushing for.

Read the new plan here.


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Thats cool. I have been reading about the whole town lake controversy for awhile now. Town Lake is one of the coolest things in Austin. It would be sad if it got overrun by developers.