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It is to understand that you might be of somewhat apprehension because you do not know of me but I ensure I have a lucrative business proposal of mutually interest to share with you.

My name is Hillaracko Bamajohn McClainton. I am the most leading of Candidates for to becoming the Presidency of the United States of the Americas. My Spouse was former President of the U.S. of the America and I am also the Neocon Hero of War and the Great Charisma Leader of The Change.

I have a mutually favorable intention for you. I will needing you to assist me in executing a business venture between the Washington of the D.C. and your state of residing.

This business involves the transferring of large money sums from the banking accounts of the citizens of your situation to the account of the governing body of the Capitol of America, of which I, Hillaracko Bamajohn McClainton, will soon becoming the Chief Executing Officer.

Everything concerning these transaction shall be legally abided without qualm. Transferring the large sums from the citizens to Depository of governing entity is easily routine using many force of government laws.

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Once this funds have been successfully transferring from your institution of financial into the Treasury of the American Administration I shall share with you in the ratio to be mutually agreed upon.

This process is to be very simple and not painful to you. It is only for you to vote for me as to be your next President and then the sums of money will be transferred automatic from you when the Bill of Greatly Increased Taxing is accomplished. For this you will share in the Trillions of Dollars by receiving the Most Wondrous assignation of the Universally Health Care which will be apportioned to you in the ratio mutually agreed upon between the Politicians and the Administrators and the Bureaucrats and the Servants of the Civil who will decide how much of the Medical you shall receive.

It is to be understanding by me that extensive many of persons such as those who are of the Great Conspiracy of the Right Wing and others whom are persuaded by the Libertarianist do not wish for the project of the Universal Care of Health to go forward.

These Peoples will seek to make great difficult for our mutually lucrative project and must be therefore overcame.

Some of our enemies will contrive to advise you that this Project is of a Socialist Intrigue and has failed in all of the many countries wheresoever the Nationalism of the Health has been persisted in some form or fashion. Please to not believe this. It is not of the “Socialist” which is foreign but is “Progressive” which is American as the baseballs and the Apple Pie.

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And also if there is failure in other countries it is only due to the factor of others not properly devising the Project in a successful fashion.

Only I, Hillaracko Bamajohn McClainton, can do this.

It is also from our enemies who will assertion many other things, such that the Trillions of money will do bankruptcy to the Nation and will destruct your liberty and your privacy or that the care of all health must become rationing which will create many long lines and people die waiting for their turn and great shortages of doctors and medicines and that only the Rulers of the Upper Classes will receiving the care for which you pay Trillions.

So you must simply to Trust and have the Blindness of Faith in us, the Politicians and the Bureaucrats and the Servants of the Civil to make all decisions for you of your most intimate personal medical concerns.

With Utmost Kindly Regards,

I am Hillaracko Bamajohn McClainton and I approving this Nigerian Healthcaring Scam Letter.

About the author Garry Reed is a longtime advocate of the libertarian philosophy of non-coercion that espouses personal autonomy and individual responsibility, civil rights and economic liberty, maximum freedom and minimum government. His website is


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Great! Garry is a wizard of humor. I’m sending this to everyone.

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Roasting Robber-Barons…..and skewering the Socialists…just another service Garry provides. Love his humor…:)

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That’s some excellent work, Mr. Reed.

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And to be the great servant of our mutually financed endeavor you will find enhanced dollars in the account of your own. All proceeds to be deducted in a fine way and made contributory to the greatness of all. This will be the most of a pleasing endeavor. Blessings to you.

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Very insightful column. Not to mention funny the way you point out the low moral fiber of our politicos using the Nigerian scam email idea.

You owe an apology to the Nigerian scammers for comparing them to politicians. LOL

As to socialist health care everyone should see this video:

A Short Course in Brain Surgery

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Garry’s insight and humor are hard to beat. How nice to see his articles being published here! I’ve bookmarked the site and will visit again now that I know you exist.