Not your mother’s Austin poll

photo / Christopher Althouse Cohen Creative Commons license graphicThis statue at Spiderhouse is a douchebag 

Over at the Austin LiveJournal community, user stupidis, a new Austinite, has posted a question that might tell us more about the landscape of our beloved city than any poll has before or ever will again. stupidis writes:

Dear austincommunity,

I’m new to this wonderful city and I’m really enjoying discovering the new sights, sounds and destinations offered therein. I was in an area to remain unnamed earlier this evening swarming with douchebaggery and it occurred to me: I really like most of the people here, dozens of warm, friendly, generous folks have made my transition great. But, well, there seem to be a lot of douchebags in certain areas.

So, I thought this might be a good conversation to have in the community. In your own opinion (and that’s why I’m being vague, because I think everyone’s definition of douchebag is different. Mine is obnoxious college kids playing pool volleyball and throwing half full beer cans): WHAT’S THE DOUCHIEST PLACE IN AUSTIN?

Bonus points if you, like me, are in fact a douchebag (yes, I know about my user icon) and can claim your own favorite hangout.


Places named in the comments for their douchiness include:

  • Spiderhouse
  • Rick Perry’s office (oh, you clever kids, you)
  • Metro
  • Epoch
  • I Luv Video
  • Cain and Abel’s
  • BookPeople
  • Flying Saucer
  • Ginger Man
  • Beauty Bar
  • Qua
  • Vicci

So now that basically every place in town is on that list, I have to wonder, is there any place left in town that isn’t douchey? Or are we Austinites doomed to hang out at douchey places forever?


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J. Blacks is pretty douchey… so is your mom’s house!!1

J Mo's picture

One place you’ll never find a douchebag is an urban trailer park. People in Airstreams are the least douchebaggy people in the world. Whole Foods is full of douchebags, some of whom carry their purchases home in environmentally-friendly douche-totes.

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Oh my god, Qua is probably the douchiest place in the city.

I vote for any frat house in West Campus.

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yup, spiderhouse. all the condos will be full of vinegar and water… lets see, any bar that charges more than $2.50 for PBR… elysium… there are too many to name. oh, the entire warehouse district. fuck that place. and sxsw is FULL to the rim with douchebaggery… fuck them too.

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that new 2nd Street shopping district (a.k.a. Loft People Headquarters) is pretty douche-o-riffic.

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My ex, the most un-douchey person you’ll ever meet, used to have a 2nd street loft. Whenever we hung out around there, yeah, there was a bit of douche in the air. I also vote Metro and Spiderhouse for college-age douche training centers—I still like those though. The biggest douche I’ve met in recent times hailed from San Marcos. Like, a classic cardigan tied around one’s shoulders and putting people down for no good reason style douche. Probably there is douchebaggery everywhere. Just gotta try to keep it real, folks, keeps it real!