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That Other Paper interviews Liam Sullivan, the Los Angeles-based actor/comedian behind the parody music video “Shoes.”

That Other Paper In 1948, Swiss engineer George de Mestral returned home from a stroll to find his jacket covered with cockleburs. Being an inquisitive mind, de Mestral placed a cocklebur under a microscope and noticed it was covered in hundreds of tiny hooks. When pressed against the loops of fiber in his clothing, the hooks engaged, and the cockleburs stuck. It was at this moment – at the crossroads of inspiration and lucky coincidence – that de Mestral invented the hook-and-loop fastener that we know today as Velcro.

Did you experience such a revelation when you realized that broccoli looked like cartoon farts?

Liam Sullivan I didn’t know it was a revelation; I assumed everyone thought broccoli looked like cartoon farts. Cocklebur. What a fantastic word. I think I’m going to use that as an expletive.

TOP According to our confidential source (MySpace), you’ve developed quite a following in the klub kid scene. What attracted them to you?

LS I just create what I like and if other people like it, that’s awesome. For Kelly, I wanted to make music that’s fun and funny, but kind of badass too. Peaches and Chicks on Speed are big influences.

TOP Where do you get your inspiration? Apart from Satan, I mean.

LS People. Eccentric people. And women. Women inspire me big time. They get leered at, whistled at, hit on, treated like a piece of meat. They get disrespected all the time. I don’t know how they get through a day without going bonkers. I admire them. Kelly came from that.

TOP What’s it like to be famous on the Internet for something other than pretending to be a Jedi Knight?

LS I keep wishing I’d come up with the Mentos and Diet Coke thing.

TOP If Kelly were a pair of shoes, would she be a pair of rose Manolo Blahnik crisscross alligator slides or black Jimmy Choo satin d’Orsay pumps?

LS Kelly is like a pair of neon pink combat boots with scuff marks on the toes from kicking so much ass.

TOP So, uh, Kelly IS a girl, right? Like your sister or something? I mean, she HAS to be, ’cause she’s kinda hot, and I’m NOT gay.

LS Um…yeah.

TOP Tell us about your VH1 show. Also, what’s your favorite animal?

LS The VH1 show is called I Hate My 30s and it’s a half-hour comedy. I joined a comedy troupe A.S.S. a few years ago and 30s resulted from our live show. David Fickas and Brice Beckham do the writing and directing and the rest of us do the acting. We’re thrilled to be working together, we’re all friends. My favorite animal is the puma.

Editors’ note In case you’re wondering what the hell we’re talking about, here’s “Shoes.” Betch!


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i luv you liam/kelly! ur so awesome. i love let me borrow that top and where do you think you’re going in that?!! be hoest are “you: gay????? i would really like to no. My bffl thinks ur seriously gay and im trying to convince her ur not so please rply!! U rock!! keep the fun songs coming

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omg kelly ur hella funny seriously let me barrow that top was funny idk ur just all funny

Mitch from Philly's picture

OMG dude.. you are so damned seriously funny! I can’t get enough of the kelly videos.. and I’m like.. Old!

And Mother/Grandma? Killer. You could do a whole sketch on her!

Where does the term “Oh, for Cry-eye” come from? Is that a Bostonian thing, or made up?

Kudos dude.. We love you!