Punchline-up for tonight, July 18


Another Friday, another fabulous Punchline to look forward to. What’s that? Something about a dark night? Yes, tonight it will get dark outside, but ColdTowne Theater’s parking lot is well-lit and you will surely be able to find your way inside. No excuses, Dad!

Tonight’s Punchline will be hosted by Ramin Nazer, and here’s the line-up:

  • Mason Lerner
  • Dan French
  • Tully Minoski
  • Shane Hebert
  • Benjamin Johnson
  • Juan Salinas
  • Michael Stansbury
  • Alexy Ronaldo
  • Jose Fuentes
  • Lynette LaMonica
  • Carey Moore
  • Matt Bearden

10pm (arrive early) | $5 at the door

512-Go!» ColdTowne Theater | map
4803 Airport Blvd (same building as I Luv Video) • 524-2807