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Review March 31, 2007
A relaxed hot dog shack that puts taste and price above all else

Some people look down on hot dogs. It’s hard to believe, but think about it: How many times do you hear of people going out for hot dogs? The only places you can usually find hot dogs in Austin are kids’ menus, roller grills at a gas station, or Sixth Street. Kid food or drunk food.

photo / Veronica Hansen Employee Mark Baker waits to takes orders at Dog Almighty on Burnet Road. 

The hot dog can be so much more than a gas station curiosity. Bratwurst, sausage, and hot dogs can be smothered in chili, dipped in corn batter and deep fried, or just simply placed on an old fashioned hot dog bun with some mustard. Dog Almighty excels in all of these categories, and they’re doing all they can to give hot dogs the respect they deserve. They have a regular menu with hot dogs, hamburgers, corn dogs, and soft serve. Bratwurst, polish sausage, and something called the Party Barge (a bed of Fritos topped with chili, cheese, onions, jalapeños, and a hot dog weenie) have been sighted recently on the specials board. A corn dog once made a guest appearance on the Party Barge. That was a magical day.

I’ve spent hours daydreaming of their corn dogs. They make their own buttermilk batter containing whole kernels of corn and – if you make the right decision – jalapeños, too. The buttermilk batter is a wondrous mix of fluffy, greasy, and crispy (my three favorite food groups).

Another thing Dog Almighty has going for them is that they can make everything vegetarian or vegan. If you want a vegan corn dog, they’ll put a vegan dog in it. If you want veggie chili, they have it. In fact, their veggie chili won second place in the Texas Vegetarian Chili Cook-off. And their meat chili is great, too. Their fries and onion rings don’t disappoint either.

And not only is their food awesome, their employees are as laid back as you would expect. At the Burnet location, there’s table tennis and picnic tables outside where you can play a couple of games, eat your hot dog, and watch people shop at the farmers market.

Give Dog Almighty a chance and rediscover what a great thing a simple hot dog (or a Party Barge) can be.


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Don’t forget it’s BYOB so you can get drizzity on a party barge of your own.

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It just got 100000 times better

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Hot Dogs!

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If you go to the South Lamar location, don’t expect your order to be right, or even turned in to the kitchen.

When I asked about my missing order (after waiting for 15-20 minutes) I found out that it had been lost in the 10 foot walk from the register. Three employees couldn’t handle two orders at the grill.

Does “employees are as laid back as you would expect” mean “employees are as stoned as you would expect”? I can agree with that.