Don’t pass on Torchy’s

Rating: five starsPrice: cheap
Review August 6, 2007

From first glance, Torchy’s doesn’t appear to be a common taco stand. Its creekside setting welcomes you to unwind and savor some tasty tacos. There’s ample seating – especially for a taco stand – and even a basketball hoop to pass the time while you wait.

The menu is concise and features many classics: carnitas, barbacoa, chorizo, fajita beef and chicken. Tacos featuring fried chicken, fried avocado, and steak and eggs are what distinguish Torchy’s from any other Austin taco stand.

photo / Veronica Hansen The green chile pork taco (left) is a crowd favorite, as well as the trailer park taco (right). 

My favorite is the green chili pork taco ($2.50). I can’t seem to stray from its dream-inducing flavors. The carnitas pork delicately liquefies in your mouth. They could have ruined this most perfect of pork by smothering it under eggs or cheddar cheese. Instead, they pair it with chopped onions, roasted hatch chilies, a slice of lime, fresh cilantro, and crumbles of queso fresco. The result is an experience you want never to end. While eating I simultaneously moan out of pleasure and bemoan the loss of my precious pork as juices trickle down my arm.

The Ranch Hand taco ($3.00) simply satisfies. Scrambled eggs, cheese, and fajita beef come together with their spicy Diablo sauce to form a distinctively Texan taco. I don’t know why someone hasn’t put fried chicken in a taco before, but the Trailer Park ($3.00), as it’s called, balances crispy fried chicken, flavorful hatch chilies, pico de gallo, cheese, and lettuce. All of this is topped off with their homemade poblano ranch dressing. I have sipped the stuff straight.

Their ranch dressing is also served with the fried avocado taco ($2.50). Unlike the Trailer Park, this taco is most noticeably creamy. The avocado is only lightly breaded and quickly fried. Nestled in refried beans and topped with pico de gallo, fresh lettuce, and poblano ranch, this is my second favorite taco. The avocado seems untouched by the heat yet still encased in delicate breading.

Their burritos are grand versions of their tacos. The last time I had a pork burrito, I remember eating it, watching TV, then suddenly awakening in a pool of drool. I don’t advise operating heavy machinery after consuming a Torchy’s burrito.

Standard build-your-own-breakfast-taco options are also included on the menu as well as stellar sides like tasty and aromatic rice, beans, and guacamole.

I dare say that you can’t go wrong at Torchy’s.

Find Torchy’s Tacos at 1207 South 1st St.


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I’d have to agree with you on the taco …. one of my faves.