Rumor debunked: The Ginger Man is NOT closing

photo / hydrolix Creative Commons license graphic Beer selection at Ginger Man Houston 

Every time I have gone into the Ginger Man recently, it has been with a twinge of sadness because, as many of us had heard, The Ginger Man was closing. But my heart is happy again today because according to the Ginger Man website, the rumors are untrue. So many people believed the rumors (myself included) that the Ginger Man finally posted on its website:

Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.
  1. The Ginger Man is not closing.
  2. We lost our lease for this location (a big building will be built on this spot.)
  3. We will move to a new location within the next year.
  4. We do not know where we are moving, but as soon as we do, we’ll tell you.
  5. Beer will continue to flow on 4th Street until the new location is ready.

It’s sad that yet another Austin mainstay is being forced out of its location (probably to make way for more condos), but it’s good that they’re reopening in another location. I’ll be there.