Sighting: Brangelina in the Harry Ransom Center!

photo / luisvilla Creative Commons licensed: Attribution 2.0 

We have it from a reliable source that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in the Harry Ransom Center at UT. We didn’t hear why. Anyone know?

UPDATE: We sent this post to Perez Hilton, praying to any god we could think of that he would post it and ask us to be best friends, and he emailed us back, said thanks, and POSTED IT!

We can die happy now. But we’re still waiting on an answer about being best friends.


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holy jesus.. i am so heading over there right now..after i tell my boss i’m feelign sick….

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Were they looking for more children?

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TOP editor

Are there any left?

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Isn’t he filming a new movie near Smithville?

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Mr. and Mrs. Smithville

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oh fuck

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Isn’t it close on Mondays?

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Yes, the HRC is closed on Mondays. I just looked it up. Perhaps Brad and Homegirl were allowed to take a private tour owing to their celebrity? It’s not inconceivable. But who would have tipped you off?

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TOP editor

It was my roommate’s boyfriend. He works at the HRC and saw them.

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The Beat exhibit and Jack Keroac Scroll are amazing to see.