Snackshotz Treat Launcher: Pets are too much work

photo / Todd Ross Nienkerk Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 
photo courtesy / all rights reserved 

Now on clearance at Target: The Snackshotz Treat Launcher™ (as seen on TV). According to the packaging, this indispensable accessory can “launch treats up to 10 feet” and is made “for all ages and activity levels.”

What they really mean to say is: You can’t throw anything farther than 10 feet, and your activity level is precisely zero.

Finally – a solution for all those people who bought a pet for the sole purpose of not having to do anything with it! And how can you resist a product so obviously developed with the Space Age in mind? Nothing says “the future is now” quite like a silver costume glove.


Late Night Austin Real Estate Blog's picture

I have been looking for ways to be even lazier. And now that I can buy something so I dont have to throw something 10 feet my life is that much more complete. If only now someone could reach into my pockets and pull out a few dollars for this thing. Im getting tired just thinking of all that effort.

Early Morning Austin Real Estate Blog's picture

I disagree.

Anonymous's picture

I love the price cut sticker in the top right corner. Wonder why this product would ever be subject to a price cut…but please tell me $11.49 isn’t really how much this thing costs.