The Happiest Hours: The Belmont

the happiest hours

The Belmont

With a style transported from the Las Vegas hey-day of the early ’60s, this bar attracts an upscale crowd. So dress nice, or at least dress like you’re trying to get laid. Depending on the time you show up, you could face quite a crowd – especially later at night on the weekends – but this is a good place to come for drinks any night of the week. For lunch they feature soups, appetizers, sandwiches, and burgers. They step up the menu and the prices for dinner with cuisine food and rich desserts. Prince (no shit – the unpronounceable symbol, Prince ) once played six songs here for $1 million to entertain a rich man’s wife on her birthday.

Every day from 3pm–7pm The Belmont offers appetizers at half-price and $1 off of well drinks. They serve Lone Star for $2 all the time.

The Belmont
305 W Sixth St • 457-0300