The Happiest Hours: The Draught House

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The Draught House

Designed in the style of an old-world European pub, the Draught (Queen’s English) House is interesting in that they allow their patrons to drink in the parking lot. There are a few picnic tables off to one side, but mostly people bring camping chairs and their dogs to sit around in the sun, drink beer, and listen to music on their car stereos (at a reasonable volume). Inside the place is all thick white plaster, heavy dark-wood furniture with graffiti carved into it, and dim lighting. The patrons vary wildly in age, and that can be interesting. You can play a game of regulation darts if you want. But it’s really a sit-down-and-talk bar with a good jukebox. The in-house draft selection is superior, and coupled with the guest beers, their selection is one of the best in Austin. To see a list of their in-house and guest beers, check out their list online. Remember, these are only their beers on tap – they have bottles, too.

They have a different special each day of the week, generally from 7pm to 11pm. Monday: $2.75 pints of Guinness and Murphy’s; Tuesday: $2.75 all pints (best deal); Wednesday: free pizza (while it lasts); Thursday: $2.25 house beers; Friday: $2.75 Independence beers; Saturday: free bratwurst (while it lasts); Sunday: $1.75 domestic beers.

The Draught House
4112 Medical Parkway • 452-MALT

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