The Happiest Hours: The Old Alligator Grill

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The Old Alligator Grill

This is a New Orleans-style bar and grill. It’s a large place with plenty of seating, several TVs for watching sports (including one massive projector screen), and a stage where bands play from time to time. They have classic arcade games and pool. The outdoor seating draws many people who come to eat or drink under the shade of an enormous Live Oak. They don’t have any beers on draft, but they do have a vast selection of wine and bottled beer, plus a full liquor bar.

Every day from 3pm–7pm and 11pm–1am (the latter on weekends only) Alligator Grill serves $.10 shrimp, $.25 oysters, and $.35 hot wings, along with other varying specials. They also have $3 shots during the day.

The Old Alligator Grill
3003 S Lamar Blvd • 444-6117

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Hardly a cajun place and a poor place of any kind. No ethics or customer satisfaction. The “motto” so proudly dispayed on the servers’ T shirts is, and I quote, “Go Shuck Yourself”. I overheard a waitress approach a manager telling him that a table wasn’t pleased with the food and requested to speak to a manager. The manager, in plain sight of the table told the waitress he was too busy. He was visiting with someone at the bar seated next to me and I was privy to the entire exchange. The menu offers “Fire Roasted Vegetables”. What you get are oily, sauteed veggies. The (different) manager told me, when asked about this, quoting again, “Fire Roasted looks better on the menu”. Swear to God! They should call their shrimp…lobster or their burger…steak. Hey, it looks better on the menu! After weeks of bragging about the new menu he was slaving over redoing, the only change was raising the prices…some items by as much as $2. Customers have been told not to come back because they didn’t tip as well. I’ve never seen such a third rate place be so content with being third rate and have no plan for improvement. In such a restaurant rich community, this would be an embarrasment to any self respecting business. The total lack of concern, quality control, customer service and satifaction decends from the management to the wait staff. I once observed a single waiter tending to a party of 28 while a manager was walking around the with his cell phone constantly to his ear never offering or insisting to help. You can imagine the service that table got. A great location with high potential that has housed several very successful restaurants. If oysters on the half shell are your cup of tea, then you’re in luck. There is nothing for the place to do other than shuck them. Anything else and you get shucked.