TOP picks: March 17 - 23

Monday | March 17

Austin St. Patrick’s Day Festival

photo / chidorian Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 

Throw on some green and head out to the 200 block of Sixth for a celebration of all things Irish – in fact, it’s the largest St. Patrick’s Day party in central Texas. It’s a family-friendly event with live music, dancing, and, of course, a ton of beer.

3–11:59pm | $10 in advance; $12 at the gate; free for kids under 13

Look for all the green
200 block of E 6th St • Austin, TX

Tuesday | March 18

On the Road with the Beats

On the Road with the Beats looks at the lives and works of the Beat generation, a group of writers that rose to fame in the 1950s, namely Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and their circle of friends. Often considered the Western world’s first subculture and the forefathers of postmodernism, the Beat generation is credited with the rise of beatniks, and later, their little brothers the hippies and the punks.

From the Wikipedia entry:

One of the most well publicized aspects of Beat writing is the continual challenge to the limits of free expression; the Beat writers produced a body of written work controversial both for its advocacy of non-conformity and for its non-conforming style. The language and topics (drug use, sexuality, aberrant behavior) pushed the boundaries of acceptability in the conformist 1950’s.

10am–5pm | Free

Harry Ransom Center
21st and Guadalupe Streets • Austin, TX 78712

Wednesday | March 19

Elliot Smith by Autumn de Wilde

From 4 Walls:

Few are granted such great degree of access into the personal lives of acclaimed artists, yet that’s exactly what artists like Beck, Elliott Smith, The White Stripes, Miranda July, Jenny Lewis, The Raconteurs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, and fashion designers, Rodarte, have allowed with photographer and director Autumn de Wilde. Whether she’s shooting a public figure or not, de Wilde has the innate ability to present complete portraits of her subjects and their environment in styles ranging from raw documentary to elaborate fiction.De Wilde delights in presenting the whole picture when documenting a subject, revealing background, motion, interaction, humor, and tenderness.

Autumn de Wilde worked closely with Oscar nominated singer/songwriter Elliott Smith as a friend and photographer for years, as well as directed the video for his song “Son of Sam,” and designed the package and cover for his album Figure 8. She was one of the few photographers with whom Smith loved working, and the photos in the exhibit are remarkably intimate and revealing, showing previously unseen sides of this personality.


4 Walls Fine Art Gallery
115 E 5th St • Austin, TX 78701

Thursday | March 20

Hanging with Mr. the P! Company

Are you ready for some giggles? Check out the P! Company tonight at ColdTowne Theater. The P! Company is an up-and-coming sketch comedy duo, Andy Petruzzo and Kyle Sweeney (with several special guests from ColdTowne). The show is a combination of video sketch comedy on subjects from Friends to The Forbidden Zone. and improv. You can check out some of their video sketches on their YouTube page and their website.

10pm | $5

4803-B Airport Blvd. (next to I Luv Video) • Austin, TX 78751

Friday | March 21

Justin Timberlake Sing-Along

Born near Memphis, Justin moved to Florida as a child to get his start being famous with the Mickey Mouse Club. After his stint in boy-band NSYNC, Justin eventually came out with his solo album Justified. It was as if the trinity of Elvis, Thriller Michael Jackson, and Mickey Mouse had been united in a single individual. His allure has become so strong that we no longer try to justify our love with irony.

11:59pm | $12

Alamo Village
2700 W Anderson Ln • Austin, TX 78757

Saturday | March 22

Master Pancake: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

From the Alamo Drafthouse website, courtesy of John Erler:

Just in time for the Easter Season, Master Pancake Theater takes on one of the most redundantly-titled (“Extraterrestrial: the Extraterrestrial”) “magical figure coming down from heaven and healing with his touch then dying and coming back to life and returning to heaven” movies ever made. With Henry Thomas (The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid, Psycho IV: The Beginning) as Elliot, the boy who befriends E.T. and then narcissistically names the creature after the first and last letters of his own name. Also starring a 7 year-old Drew Barrymore (Firestarter, Poison Ivy) as Elliot’s bratty little sister, and featuring Yoda (Empire, Jedi) as a croaking bag of wrinkled skin who can’t stop eating Skittles, drinking beer and shouting “Phone home I will!” Come on out and see the movie that made Mac and Me possible. We guarantee that by the end, you too will believe a scrotum can fly.

7pm and 10:15pm | $12.50

Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz
320 E 6th St • Austin, TX 78701

Family time: Easter Egg Hunt at Austin Farmers’ Market

photo / Sam Pullara Creative Commons licensed: Attribution 2.0 

According to the event’s press release, “Austin Farmers’ Market will take a different tact for an Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday preceding Easter Sunday as part of the market’s mission to provide more health-wise, locally grown produce to children.” Kids can hunt for cascarone eggs (confetti-stuffed egg shells); egg coupons and “market bucks” redeemable for fresh, kid-sized carrots and other produce; and hand-made, chocolate-covered cocoa beans from local vendor Kakawa Chocolate. Your children can also pet and learn from some local, wool-producing farm animals.

Visting the farmers’ market is always a positive: You get to spend time outside and support local growers. And this Saturday, your rugrats can’t complain about being bored. What’s not to love?

11am | FREE

Republic Square
4th & Guadalupe St • Austin, TX 78701

Sunday | March 23

About: Blank at the Elephant Room

courtesy About Blank 

Comprised of Dave Adams (drums), Kevin Gibbs (alto saxophonist), Paul Luedke (trumpet), Kyle Clayton (bass), and Danny Anderson (guitar) About: Blank is a funky jazz band with a sprinkle of psychedelia. Perfect for the Elephant Room on a Sunday night.

9:30pm | $ Call

Elephant Room
315 Congress Ave • Austin, TX 78701


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