Web 5.0 is here!


Last week, some of the That Other Paper and Four Kitchens crew attended BarCampAustin, an annual meetup held during SXSW Interactive for web designers, developers, and other flavors of nerd. Its purpose: mix technology with booze for instant networking* potential.

BarCampAustin attendees were given the opportunity to present (or pitch) their projects, many of which were fairly lame reinventions of the wheel or ridiculous, buzzword-heavy technologies. After several hours of self-promotional and marketing speak, David Strauss and I were compelled to make a statement. So we slapped together a slideshow in five minutes and improvised the rest.

Favmarks: the technology of the future! (Warning: NERD ALERT)

* I sincerely apologize for using the term “networking.”

Edited and filmed by whurley and Giovanni Gallucci of BarCampAustin.


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what a web bruiser?