When laws become contemptible

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According to news reports, immigration advocates are advising illegals that their best bet against deportation is to clam up and say nothing when the cops come calling.

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This hacks off critics who claim the do-gooders are aiding lawbreakers.

Quoting one article, “It shows blatant contempt for the rule of law in this country and blatant contempt for local police working with federal authorities to clean up this mess,” said Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Continuing crackdowns on undocumented border-busters have thousands of immigrants flocking to pro-immigrant forums where techniques on ducking deportation are taught.

Mass movements have always engaged in widespread lawbreaking whenever enough people decided the current laws were contemptible. Just consider these news articles from America’s past.

Pennsylvania Colonial Newes, Twenty-Sixth day of December, 1773 – Widespread resistance to stampe acts, Tar & Feathering of Official British Taxe Collectours and throwing of teabags into Boston’s Harbour “Shews Blatant Contempt for the King’s Law in these Several Colonies and Blatant Contempt for Local Tories working with His Royal Majesty’s Redcoats to clean up this mess,” sayeth Sir Paisley Snuff-Hankee, lord chancellour of Ye Olde Royale Monarchist Preservation societee.

Continuing crackdowns upon Liberties have Thousands of American Patriots flocking to Sons of Liberty meetings to listen to Fiery Revolutionary Oratory.

New York Pompous Press, September 18, 1850 – Northern Anti-Slavery advocates who help runaway slaves escape into Canada “show blatant contempt for the Fugitive Slave Laws in this country and blatant contempt for local bounty hunters working with Yankee authorities to clean up this mess,” said Owning Blackman, president of the Great American Slave Tracking and Fox Hunting Club.

Continuing crackdowns on runaway slave enablers have Abolitionists flocking to seminars on how to use Jury Nullification to acquit the Conductors of the Underground Railroad.

Chicago Gangster Gazette, October 28, 1925 – Roaring Twenties Flappers and Top Hatters visiting illegal speakeasies “shows blatant contempt for the Noble Experiment laws in this country and blatant contempt for local Prohibitionists working with Federal Volstead enforcers to clean up this mess,” said Hooch Banner, president of the Anti-Saloon League and Fraternal Order of Fun-Haters.

Continuing crackdowns on rumrunners and bootleggers have social revelers flocking to do-it-yourself bathtub gin classes.

Montgomery Adversary, December 1, 1955 – Negroes sitting in the front seats of busses and drinking from white-only fountains and urinating in white-only urinals “shows blatant contempt for the Jim Crow laws in this country and blatant contempt for local Klans working with nationwide White Supremacists to clean up this mess,” said Whitey Best, president of Crackers for a Segregated America.

Continuing crackdowns on Civil Rights workers have activists flocking to civil disobedience sit-ins throughout the country.

Note that all these movements were freedom movements – people freeing themselves from contemptible government laws.

So the mass movement of illegal immigrants will continue. The primary reason is because America has forgotten who it is. America is schizophrenic.

A free America creates more jobs than free Americans can fill. Free people hire who they want. Immigrants, legal or otherwise, will come for the jobs because the Marxists are wrong; a free society is the real worker’s paradise. Those who want jobs will keep coming.

An unfree America is a socialist welfare entitlement state that coercively redistributes the income of those who earn it to the pockets of those who don’t. America has become a recipient’s paradise. Those who want handouts will keep coming.

Fortunately, America’s next mass movement has already begun:

USA Tomorrow, 21st Century – Abolishing the American Constitution and replacing it with a government-mandated Nanny-State “Shows blatant contempt for freedom and blatant contempt for local Sovereign Citizens working with national Individual Rights activists to clean up this mess,” said Libby Tarrion, leader of the American Freedom Movement.

Continuing crackdowns on freedom has civil rights lefties and rightwing free-marketeers and libertarian-leaning liberty-lovers of all types and stripes flocking to Internet meet-ups and rEVOLution organizing websites everywhere.

About the author Garry Reed is a longtime advocate of the libertarian philosophy of non-coercion that espouses personal autonomy and individual responsibility, civil rights and economic liberty, maximum freedom and minimum government. His website is freecannon.com.


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Thank you for publishing this Garry Reed essay. As usual, he makes a point with history and humor. It’s a pleasure to be able to read such a clear thinker in a regular column!