Jill Morris

see.hear.speak.3 preview: Tom Booker

see.hear.speak.3 preview: Tom Booker

In addition to television work on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Tom founded The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago and wrote/directed/starred in the feature film Kill The Man. Tom is another delightful comedic transplant for our city, eager to wow us with song, dance, autoharp, and accordion.

see.hear.speak.3 preview: The Goldbergs

see.hear.speak.3 preview: The Goldbergs

Ruth Bader Goldberg and Sasha Finkle Goldberg are The Goldbergs, and they’ll be performing at see.hear.speak.3.

see.hear.speak.3 preview: The P! Company

see.hear.speak.3 preview: The P! Company

Self-described as comedy for nerds by nerds, these boys (and occasionally a girl or two) tackle the issues they care about most: videogames, science fiction, anime, and movies.

see.hear.speak.3 preview: Target Demographic

see.hear.speak.3 preview: Target Demographic

ColdTowne Theater’s see.hear.speak.3 comedy festival is happening this weekend, with shows Thursday through Saturday. Thursday night includes a performance from local improv troupe Target Demographic.

I met two boys and two girls called Frank Mills

The Frank Mills: Winning Dirty

Members of local sketch comedy troupe The Frank Mills talk about their new show, their love lives, and all things ridiculous.

Pioneering ‘Three Parts’

Carlos Trevino: Pioneering 'Three Parts'

Director Carlos Trevino and The Rubber Repertory are bringing Wallace Shawn’s controversial play A Thought In Three Parts to The Vortex this month.

Jerm Pollet: Ice master

That Other Paper | Jerm Pollet: Ice master

Local comedian and musician Jerm Pollet has stepped offstage to make and sell his new frozen desserts. And they aren’t radioactive garbage.

Valentine’s date: Lady of the Lake

Valentine's Day in Austin We make Valentine’s Day easy. Dinner by the lake, a movie, and the rest is up to you, stud.

Improving improv

Since moving to Austin from New York, Asaf Ronen has brought it to the local improv scene. He’s fresh, fun to watch, and incredibly talented.

Interview with Austin improviser Asaf Ronen

Another one rides the bus

Another one rides the bus

“Do you mind if I sit here?” she asks while taking her seat. “I’m not crazy.” She then sticks out her tongue, makes the sign of the devil, and smiles coyly. “Well, maybe a little.”

Lamb, grilled

Austin funny man Jeremy Lamb

That Other Paper interviews Austin improviser Jeremy Lamb.

Saturday, January 20th: see. hear. speak. easy.

This Saturday, ColdTowne Theater’s hosting the third night of their see. hear. speak. festival. Let us help you plan an evening around the festival, complete with dinner, drinks, and a party.

Ventana: Cheap gourmet food, awkward waitstaff

Ventana is an ideal destination for those who love inexpensive gourmet food and the thrill of an awkward experience.

Saturday, December 9: Puck on the first date

Nothing brings a couple together like violence on ice. So this Saturday, take your date to watch our the Ice Bats chew up, spit out, and give rabies to the Corpus Christi Rayz.

Wino Wednesdays

Wine alert

Ooohh… do we smell an elegant, crisp bouquet reminiscent of dried pears and figs with underlying hints of a totally hot date? Yes.

Hyde Parked: Saturday, Nov 25

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your car parked in the same place for an entire date? And, no, we don’t mean making out in a parked car all night — although that’s fun, too.