Liz Barksdale

Ticky-tacky date

Sick and tired of thinking up creative dates? This one’s for you.

A stereotypical day for wannabe hipsters

We’ll show you how to embrace this vague but intriguing subculture with a day of totally hip activities! And by hip, we mean deck.

A completely stereotypical night for UT students

Kerbey Lane by the UT-Austin campus

Whether you’re a UT freshman, new in town, or a nostalgic Texas Ex, get ready to enjoy a completely stereotypical night in Austin – Longhorn style.

Koriente: Home cookin’ on Seventh

Liz Barksdale reviews Koriente.

More like… Despair East

Help. Please help.

My initial buffet glow of thinking, Oh wow, soooo much food!, was wearing off. Suddenly, I became disgusted with Joy East’s mediocrity — and my gluttony.

P. Terry’s Burger Stand review

Liz Barksdale does P. Terry’s.

Croissant Time review

Liz Barksdale reviews Croissant Time.