Austin landlord writes angry letter about sewage

Thank you,, for posting this letter from an Austin landlord to his tenants threatening them with all sorts of bad things, including lease termination, if they can’t keep themselves from flushing “illegal objects” like tampons and baby wipes down the toilet and causing a backup.

Any bets on which complex it is?

Funniest Person in Austin lineup: April 7

Funniest Person in Austin 2008

photo / Kristin Hillery Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0Joel Keith 

Tonight kicks off the 23rd Annual Funniest Person in Austin contest, where stand-up comedians the city over compete for respect, lols, and the title of the Funniest Person in Austin. The competition consists of six nights of standup, 16-17 comics per night, each comic performing five-seven minutes of material. The top four contestants from each round will perform in the semifinals on May 12 and 13. A former FPIA winner will host each round; tonight’s host is 2004 winner Brendon Walsh.

The FCC can’t understand ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Ever wonder how Battlestar Galactica gets away with so much frakkin’ cursing? Adult Swim has the answer.

Fun fact: those are the real voices of the actors, except for Admiral Adama.

It’s getting hot in ‘The Office’

Only one more week to go until The Office is back – it’s so close yet so far. Here’s a little something to keep you going while you try to weather the excruciating wait.

The Easter Bunny HATES YOU

First he sends a kid to the hospital, then the Easter Bunny goes postal on Manhattan. What’s next? Easter egg bombs?

You know what the Easter Bunny is doing the other 364 days of the year? KICKING ASS

Parents, watch out for the Easter Bunny

Just when you thought it was safe to let your kids sit on strangers’ laps at the mall…

A Lakeline mall Easter Bunny injured a child when he got mad at his photographer, quit his job, and set the nine-month-old child on the ground. The child suffered a contusion on his head and had to go to the emergency room. The man was arrested but has since been released.

Too bad Jay and Silent Bob weren’t around. They have experience with Easter Bunny justice:

Via the Austin-American Statesman

Star Trek meets Monty Python

American science fiction meets British comedy, with glorious results.

Austin educator background check turns up way more felonies and misdemeanors than you’d want

photo / foundphotoslj Creative Commons licensed: Attribution 2.0 

The Austin Independent School District has recently been conducting background tests on its approximately 6,600 educators, with surprising results. Two-thirds of the educators have been checked, and out of those, 15 have felony criminal records and 241 have misdemeanor criminal records. A criminal record does not mean the person was convicted, so AISD is investigating each case to determine whether action is necessary. AISD wouldn’t disclose what types of crimes the teachers were charged with, but a teacher found to have a felony conviction could lose his or her job.

Two minutes with Ramin Nazer

Comedian Ramin Nazer has several talents — among them, the ability to spit out random numbers, the ability to string words together in unique ways, and the ability to think things. That Other Paper’s Luna recently caught up with Ramin to discuss these important issues and others, like what exactly a laugh is.

Vanessa Hudgens spotted filming on UT campus

Vanessa Hudgens, star of High School Musical and High School Musical 2 (also known for being the Disney chick that flashed her naughty bits around the Internet (WARNING: NSFW) was spotted filming a new movie at The University of Texas at Austin campus today.

Did anybody else see her?

via Perez Hilton

Overheard in Austin | Whiskey Bar

overheard in austin

Whiskey Bar

Girl bartender handing a drink to a guy “I hope you’re ready to vomit tonight!”

SNL loves Austin, at least until the primaries are over

Saturday Night Live has been all about Austin recently, thanks to the Texas primaries. Last night’s TV Funhouse, “The Obama Files,” has Obama sending Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on wild goose chases to African places that don’t exist. Of course, they’re mad, and some shit goes down in Austin. Special guest appearances by Chuck Norris and Bill Clinton. Make sure you watch for the badass shot of the UT Tower.

Texans for Obama block party tonight

Texans for Obama are holding a politician-packed block party tonight in celebration of the end of early voting. This free party will include rides to early voting locations, a moonbounce for the kids, live music, teh funz, and LOTS of politicians.

Speaking at the block party will be Lloyd Doggett, Kirk Watson, Mark Strama, Sheryl Cole, Mike Martinez, Brewster McCracken, Sam Biscoe, Ron Davis, Bruce Elfant, and Max Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy.

5–9pm | FREE

Victory Grill
1104 E 11th St • Austin, TX 78702

Overheard in Austin | Amy’s Ice Cream

overheard in austin

Amy’s Ice Cream

Girl pointing to the tiny-sized cup “Tiny? That sounds like my boyfriend’s dick.”

Overheard in Austin | Toy Joy

overheard in austin

Toy Joy

Guy to his friend “You know that crazy cat lady who lives downstairs? She’s getting married!”

Valentine’s Day Bobby Bones Singles Mingle

Perpetually single local morning radio talk show host Bobby Bones is hosting a Singles Mingle tonight at Hula Hut from 7–10pm. So if you’re cursing Valentine’s Day or you’re cursing being single or if you’re just bored and want to meet a local celebrity, head on out to Hula Hut and meet some new people. Who knows; maybe there’ll be free food too. Get more information on the Bobby Bones website.

Obama and Clinton coming to UT! omgomg

If you ever wondered whether politicians were real people or just invented celluloid images a la S1m0ne, here’s your chance to find out. Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are coming to the University of Texas at Austin next week, on February 21. The debate will air live on CNN and CNN International from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. CST.

Oh my god. This is huge! No information yet on how to get in, but we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: This debate will be held at UT’s Recreation Sports Center. Sorry, this event is invitation only. But you can try to win tickets here.

Musicians be politickin’

Artists singing about politics is nothing new, but the Black Eyed Peas’ has done something truly original. The artist, inspired by presidential candidate Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech at the New Hampshire primary on January 8, 2008, decided to turn the speech into a song. He gathered a bunch of friends to collaborate, and in a matter of two days they had created a video with several people singing the words of Obama’s speech to’s music.

Overheard in Austin | Ken’s Donuts

overheard in austin

Ken’s Donuts

Guy to girl “Well, at least your vagina doesn’t smell.”

Overheard in Austin | Unnamed UT dorm

overheard in austin

UT dorm

Guy obviously on steroids to another guy obviously on steroids “Don’t take too many of those estrogen pills or you’ll get bitch tits.”

Overheard by Jackie A.