Oh my god, I think he’s talking about me

photo / Jason CartwrightI totally fit the description. 


Seeking female who was walking somewhere a while ago - m4w - 45

Kanye West picked an unlikely alter ego

Check out our interview with Kanye Zach Galifianakis.

Out of Bounds Improv Festival: Monday is the Last Day. Sob


Today is the last day of the Out of Bounds Improv Festival. Laugh your tears away at the closing show.

Hideout Upstairs

617 Congress Avenue
8 p.m.
Vinyl Destination (Austin)
Start Trekkin (NYC)

Overheard in Austin | Maggie Mae’s

overheard in austin

photo / rollenran  

Maggie Mae’s on 6th Street

Drunk girl to her drunk friend “Trust him. He’s a virgin.”

Out of Bounds Improv Festival: Sunday is the BIG HEADLINING SHOW

The OOBers are taking full advantage of the fact that no one has to work tomorrow by having their BIG HEADLINING SHOW tonight and throwing an after-party. Here’s the schedule for tonight:

Revolving Madness: Take no suggestions

Revolving Madness

Revolving madness, hailing from San Francisco, will be performing at this year’s Out of Bounds Improv Festival. We talked to member Lauren Pizzi who explained her group’s unique style and why madness doesn’t necessarily equal insanity.

The Trip Fives: Kansas City improv hits Austin

The Trip Fives: Kansas City improv hits Austin

Kansas City improvisers The Trip Fives traveled all the way from Missouri to participate in the Out of Bounds Improv Festival.

Out of Bounds Improv Festival: Friday is Class Day!

courtesy Start Trekkin 

Today is the day to stop being an improv spectator and start taking part in the fun. Out of Bounds is holding a smorgasbord of classes — eight, to be exact.


The State Theatre (719 Congress Ave)

Beth Burns (Los Angeles)
The Groundlings Method

Out of Bounds Improv Festival: Thursday


So many shows, so little time! Tonight’s Out of Bounds Improv Festival shows are followed by a bar party, so make sure to stick around after the last show.

All shows are at the Hideout Theater at 617 Congress Ave.

Tonight’s shows:

Overheard in Austin | Faulk Central Library

overheard in austin

On the sidewalk in front of the Faulk Central Library at 8th and Guadalupe

Snooty-looking blonde woman to her two little boys “Don’t touch the weirdos!”

The Today Show was laughing at her too

Wow…Miss Teen USA South Carolina’s video is so popular that the Today Show had her on to try to answer the map question correctly — although she still didn’t really answer the question.

Out of Bounds Improv Festival: Wednesday

photo / You Me & Greg 

It’s hump day! So go see the second night of the Out of Bounds Improv Festival at the Hideout Theater, located at 617 Congress Avenue, at 8 p.m.

How Mario Lopez kept a straight face I’ll never know

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the video of Miss Teen USA South Carolina yet, here it is:

I have a map of places such as.

Try this on Monday

photo / restlessglobetrotterOink oink 

From that cesspool of Internet nerdom hilarity,, the best idea EVER:

jamesf: go to work, put your jacket over your chair and a cup of coffee next to your keyboard, then go home

jamesf: everyone will think you’re in a meeting

jamesf: turn up again at 4, do an hour’s work and then go home again

Help local comic Jeremy Neal win Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight

photo / Kristin Hillery Jeremy Neal 

UT no longer the best school for getting trashed and high

photo / mallix 

The University of Texas at Austin is no longer the nation’s top party school. We’ve replaced being the top school for bongs and booze to being the top school for job placement, according to the Princeton Review. The top party school is now West Virginia University.

Laaaaaaaame! Who needs a job? Let’s reclaim our No. 1 Party School status, stat.

Pride and Prejudice and passion

Pride and Prejudice and passion

To the consternation and shock of Austen purists everywhere and the joy of those with curious minds, Linda Berdoll graphically illustrates not only the relationship between the two, but also their sex life — and oh, what a sex life.

Two minutes with Lynette LaMonica

That Other Paper interviews Austin comedian Lynette LaMonica

Local comic Lynette LaMonica talks with TOP’s Luna.