Two minutes with Keith Mannina

That Other Paper interviews Austin comedian Keith Mannina

Local comic Keith Mannina talks with TOP’s Luna.

Literate and unwashed: Kramer Wetzel

Literate and unwashed: Kramer Wetzel

For Austinite Kramer Wetzel, astrology is more than a hobby — it’s a way of life.

Only in Austin does drug lingo work on church marquees

photo / Luna University Baptist Church on 21st and Guadalupe by the UT campus 

$100 to vacuum naked?

photo / cheekyneedle 

I guess Craigslist is the right place to post this sort of request

The science of spirits

Ghost Hunters of Texas: The science of spirits

Bertie Denby could never have predicted that an afternoon at a friend’s house spent playing with a Ouija board would affect her so profoundly.

The Boy Who Got High on X

photo / The Smoking Gun 

According to The Smoking Gun, drug dealers are now branding their ecstasy pills with the Harry Potter logo, no doubt to cash in on the hype surrounding the fifth book and seventh movie. The pills are actually called “Harry Potters.”

I’ve heard of being addicted to Harry Potter, but this is ridiculous.

Ikea’s fun with Photoshop

photo / pinkbelt 

Some trickster over at Ikea decided to have a little fun with the 2007 catalog. The first page of the catalog shows a family laying on a bed with a dog, and a closer look at the dog’s stomach reveals what appears to be a human penis.

This is what you’re missing if you don’t come to Punchline

photo / Luna Phillll 

Meet Phil, our funny feathered friend.

How he drinks that beer through that beak I’ll never know.

Punchline happens again this Friday at 10pm at ColdTowne Theater. Trey Galyon is headlining.

Movies in Fifteen Minutes

photo / cleolinda 

Jokes about Leonidas’ painted-on abs and the rampant homoeroticism in Sparta? Check. Jokes about Harry’s wand flickering in the dark? Check. Jokes about Brad Pitt’s goddess mom? Check.

Don’t worry; the front falling off isn’t normal


Why on earth don’t American newscasters get to do this?

Who really sank the Titanic? Atheists?

Make sure to check out the official website for the Titanic Truth Movement for the rest of the story.

LA face with an Oakland booty

“Baby Got Back” like you’ve never heard it before. Thank you, Jonathan Coulton.

Plushenko is bringing the sexy (back?) to figure skating

Who knew a sport performed on ice could be so hott? Skating to Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb,” Russian figure skating legend Evgeni Plushenko flaunts convention (among other things). Although I’m not entirely sure it’s not a bodysuit. Make sure to listen closely to the commentary.

ETA: OK, it’s a bodysuit. The video is still fabulously funny.

Clinton Crossword!

photo / goldberg 

The former prez wrote a crossword puzzle for the New York Times.

Editor’s Note: The clues in this puzzle are a little more playful and involve more wordplay than in a typical crossword. You have been warned. — WILL SHORTZ

Overheard in Austin | Ventana del Soul

overheard in austin

3pm at Ventana del Soul on Oltorf

Barista “We’re not giving away Jesus pens, we’re not giving away Satan-worshipping pens, and we’re not giving away flying spaghetti monster pens.”

u can’t txt msg brkup

I can’t stop watching this video. This actor named Liam Sullivan ( makes these hilarious videos with a character named Kelly. Feast your eyes.
txt msg brkup

“Would you like to help fight AIDS today?”

So on the West Mall at UT there are always these people handing out flyers for FACE AIDS or some sort of AIDS awareness campaign. Which is cool and all, except for what they say to you when you walk by: “Would you like to help fight AIDS today?” This isn’t a one-time thing. I walk by them every day and every single one of them uses the exact same phrase every single time.

Overheard in Austin | While walking on the UT campus

overheard in austin

While walking on the UT campus…

Ditzy girl on her cell phone “So it’s been really really hard because I gave up pizza and Facebook for Lent…”

Girl to her friend “I started getting really dizzy so I switched to wine.”

Overheard by Blair Shiff

Best April Fool’s joke?

photo / Morgan Tepsic 

What was the best April Fool’s joke you came across this year?

My pick: Fake Facebook minifeed stories.

Among them: