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Perry Moore: On gay superheroes

Perry Moore: On gay superheroes

Perry Moore is an author on a mission: to tell great stories that also challenge the way we think. His first novel, Hero, tells the story of a teenage gay superhero.

54 Seconds’ ‘Postcards from California’

54 Seconds' 'Postcards from California'

Adam and Nicole go coconuts for California.

Jacques Couvillon: What’s funnier than a chicken farm?

Jacques Couvillon: What's funnier than a chicken farm?

In a moment of clarity, Jacques Couvillon quit his day job with the dream of becoming a writer and no clue how he would get there. Seven years later he is celebrating the publication of his first novel, The Chicken Dance.

Internet animals join strike

It’s nice to see that the WGA has the support of just about everybody. Except for that creepy scab kitty.

Sherri Sheppard is smart

Sherri Sheppard, the newest co-host of Barbara Walters’ long-running vanity project The View, is making quite a name for herself. Not in a good way. Weeks ago on the show she admitted that she didn’t know if the world was round. And yesterday, this:

Onstage at ACL

Onstage at ACL

When That Other Paper’s Nicole Haddad went to see Common at Austin City Limits Music Festival, she had no idea she’d be pulled onstage.

Pic of the day: Guess the celebrity


To prove that the early ’90s did scary things to us all, I present this picture. If you can tell me who that lovely (and now famous) lady on the right is, I’ll give you $50.*

*Not really. I mean, it’s kind of obvious. Plus, you could just click on the photo credit and figure it out.

50 Cent vows to stop punishing world

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Girlfight alert! 50 Cent and Kanye West are both set to release new albums on September 11th. In a move that can best be described as pouty, 50 has vowed to stop releasing records if Kanye’s sells more than his does.

Be Kind Rewind trailer!!1!

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Monday music

Here’s a song that will brighten your Monday, or at the very least get stuck annoyingly in your head for the rest of the day. It’s the video for the new single from Junior Senior, “Can I Get Get Get.”

Fun with Photoshop

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The picture pretty much speaks for itself. On the right, the real Faith Hill. On the left, the airbrushed and retouched cover girl Faith Hill. I think the most impressive thing about these two photos is the way they managed to erase her backfat.

Get Smart teaser online

As the end of the 2007 summer movie season draws near, here is your first taste of 2008 summer movies. Steve Carell stars as Maxwell Smart in the feature film version of the classic TV show Get Smart. I, for one, am stoked.

Sweet timewaster: Simpsonize yourself

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If you’ve always wondered what you would look like if you were a character on The Simpsons, here’s your chance, stud. The official movie site will let you create an avatar in your very own image. That should help you kill at least 20 minutes today.

Extended ‘Knocked Up’ scene

Pearl is back!

Hey there (NSFW)

Babbling Brooks

Brooks Chambers

Nicole Haddad and Adam Avramescu review local musician Brooks Chambers’ EP Long Story Short.

The price is wrong, bitch

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Sadly, America’s favorite gameshow host, Bob Barker, is retiring after 35 long years of hosting America’s favorite gameshow, The Price is Right. Be sure to catch Bob’s final episode tomorrow, June 15, on CBS. The show airs at its usual 10am timeslot, and again during primetime at 7pm.

Mr. Wizard off to that great science lab in the sky

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Don Herbert, better known to generations of children as Mr. Wizard, lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He died surrounded by his family in his Southern California home at the age of 89.

You may remember Mr. Wizard from his show on Nickelodeon that ran in the 80s, but he has been teaching children to love science experiments via television since the 1950s. In 1954 he won a Peabody Award for his show Watch Mr. Wizard.