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Yes or no or maybe

That Other Paper | Yes or no or maybe

I saw my first Y/N/M list about a year ago. Now I think everyone should have one.

NSFW, yes!

The debate over the NSFW (Not Safe for Work) tag, which is at least three years old by my count, has popped out again thanks to Susie Bright. She thinks it’s childish and outrageous and just another case of corporate America being censorious. Magazines don’t say “NSFW” in their pages, she complains. To which I say, YES. True. Because magazines have editors. And subscribers. The Internet does not.

Sex, positive?

That Other Paper | Sex, positive?

Who isn’t sex-positive? Well, when you dig into it a little bit, not as many people as you think.

Austin: Weird but not freaky

That Other Paper | Austin: Weird but not freaky Now consider Austin, trying to keep it weird. Is this a city with its freak on? Sure, it’s gay friendly, relatively speaking, but where are the flamboyant and fabulous, the fetish folk, the poly-people, and someone to write them down, photograph them, turn them from life into art?

How to take naked pictures

That Other Paper | how to take naked pictures Anonymous nude modeling is hot. Really hot. And pretty popular, too. Digital cameras and the rise of Flickr, Pornotube, and photoblogging have turned what used to be a pastime only for serious pervs and extra spicy swinger types into a porn-lite sensation.