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When morality makes bad policy

The very cool sex-pos forum Sex in the Public Square is doing a week-long focus on sex work, aka prostitution and it’s cousins. This is a topic you’ll probably see me squirm about in this space, but, as I have dear friends in the trade I’m trying to learn more and work out my positions on the subject.

Who invented Safe Sex?

This doc, Sex Positive, says it was Richard Berkowitz, a former gay sex worker and activist during the early days of the AIDS crisis. He was vilified at the time and is mostly forgotten now, but Berkowitz played a big part in getting gays (and eventually others) to realize that “safe sex” didn’t mean “no sex.”

Screening at SXSW on March 8, 10, and 14.

Married with kinks

The Safe Word

If I knew someone about to get married I would tell them this: Kinky sex is to a good marriage as bus schedules are to buses. Which is to say, there might be some relationship but I don’t have good goddamn what it is. I was a late bloomer to this kink thing. Well, not so late that I wasn’t tying myself up and an inventive little masturbator from a young age, but it took me a while to come out to my partner.

Take the morning off: Sesame video workshop

Brilliant. Searchable videos from old school Sesame Street.

The only problem is that the videos aren’t linkable. But search for “Martians and the Telephone” — that’s my version of Tuesdays with Morrie.

A visual feast

Are you a glutton for visual culture? The Library of Congress is collaborating with Flickr on a project called The Commons — they’ve put a few thousand pics from two LOC collections - the Bain News Service images from the 1910s and Farm Security Administration images from the 1930s/40s — and are inviting the public to tag them. All these images are copyright-free, btw. Have at.

(h/t boing boing)

A sex club for the rest of us

Having spent one stellar evening at The Wet Spot (recently renamed the Center for Sex Positive Culture) in Seattle, I’m not at all embarrassed to beg: please, please, please will some enterprising sex activist and/or millionaire step up to the plate and make this happen in Austin?

MSNBC just published one journalist’s account of his trip to CSPC. I think he protests a bit too much…

Want a male birth control pill?

Sorry, you can’t have it. All the brainiacs over at Science blogs are telling you why right now.

Hint: It’s not so much about the science.

What if fantasy meets reality?

What if fantasy meets reality?

Should you make your fantasies become reality?

Are you a pervert?

Are you a pervert?

Depending on when and where you are, friend, you are a pervert. Totally perved out, by the look of you.

Beat me up, beat me down

The Safe Word

Kink columnist RC McCloud talks about getting a good beat-down.

Hot 100s

The Maxim Hot 100 (top ten): Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Biel, Ali Larter, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Fergie.

The AfterEllen Hot 100 (top ten): Leisa Hailey, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Lena Headey, Sarah Shahi, Jennifer Beals, Tina Fey, Jordana Brewster, Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman.


Research at A&M rocks!

They’re hard at work in College Station bringing sexy back.

The findings reflect the views of over 700 individuals who participated in a series of five studies, three of which involved animated representations of people walking. The attractiveness ratings for perceived women increased by about 50 percent when they walked with hip sway, and attractiveness ratings for perceived men more than doubled when they walked with a swagger in their shoulders.

Are you a top or a bottom?

The Safe Word

Find out who you are, thanks to kink columnist RC McCloud.

Pregnant politics

Your Texas legislature adjourned for the weekend without taking up the two controversial abortion bills on the calendar, the make-her-look-at-an-ultrasound bill and the collect-a-lot-of-private-information-about-her bill, both being wet dreams for opponents of abortion rights. According to observers at the lege, the bills are only on the calendar because embattled Speaker Craddick is trying to shore up his political base. So, they’ll probably be back.

When dating sites fight…

Newcomer Chemistry.com (actually a spin-off of Dallas-based Match.com) is running these ads that call out rival eHarmony for their No Damn Gays (tm) policy. eHarmony, like Match.com, peddles a “scientific method” of matchmaking and the founder says he hasn’t done the research to reliably hook up same-sex couples. Uh-huh. As for the others, they shouldn’t brag too much. Match.com partners with Dr.

Whole Foods still not cool

For those who participated in the Whole Foods discussion after Chad Hanna’s article in February, Asad Raza of the 3Quarks blog does a beautiful takedown of the Whole Foods in Manhattan today. Here’s a sampler:

How to tie up your boy, girl, or both

The Safe Word

Kink columnist RC McCloud’s seven steps to having fun with rope.

Arterotica: Hard Art is Good to Find

It’s finally time for Arterotica, a dance party and silent art auction to benefit AIDS Austin’s Emergency Asssitance Fund. Saturday April 21, 9 PM to 12 AM, at Tillery Street Theater (701 Tillery). Tickets are $35 advance or $50 at the door. Dirty dancing, drinks, and suggestive desserts provided.

The annual shindig raises thousands for a good cause and you might take home a piece of art for that spot on your wall you filled up with old LP covers from the City-wide Garage Sale. Well, it works for me.

Good fences

That Other Paper | The Safe Word

Kink columnist RC McCloud discusses stepping off beaten paths to experience the unknown and the unexpected.

The high road to porn

That Other Paper | The high road to porn

Focusing on porn isn’t the solution. We shouldn’t be made ashamed of what we watch; we should be thoughtful about it.