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Straight through your lover’s heart

Waited too long to land a reservation at Chez Nous, the Driskill, or Romeo’s? Don’t fear! That Other Paper has a few suggestions that will shoot an arrow straight through your lover’s heart (in a good way).

Be safe tonight

Don’t drive after drinking.

If you or a friend don’t feel up to the task of driving home, please call Austin Sober Ride. They will provide a free taxi (up to $30) from 11pm to 3am.

Save this number in your cell phone: 512-657-2999, and don’t forget to tip your driver!

Dude, where’s my misdemeanor citation?

The Texas Legislature approved a law in September that allows any Texas county to issue misdemeanor citations for a number of small, non-violent offenses, including possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana, but Travis County is the only jurisdiction in Texas to actually implement the new process. The new measure not only saves time and money for an offender, but helps reduce overcrowding expenses in Travis County jails.

From KVUE:

(sort of) BREAKING NEWS: Graffiti discovered in Georgetown parks

Georgetown citizens sent in several calls Friday morning to Georgetown PD to report graffiti in Chautauqua Park and Kelley Park.

From KVUE:

According to Georgetown city officials, Sergeant Cory Tchida of the Georgetown Police Department Intelligence Unit believes the graffiti appears to be gang-related.

Man Fest @ Birds Barbershop

Man Fest!!! 

Do you provide a strict allowance for your significant other?

Do you NOT seek refuge in the comfort of sweet, silky chocolate if you discover your co-workers gossiping behind your back?

Do you shave in the morning, but have a 5 o’clock shadow by noon?

Professor Obvious: ‘UT students drink most on game days’

A recent study of undergrad drinking behavior by UT psychologist Dan Neal has determined that students drink more and more often during UT football games than on other “special occasions” such as “the last day of class” or “Halloween.”

From KVUE:

Expect delays

Used to arriving at the airport an hour before your departure?

Officials at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport would like to remind Austinites traveling during the Thanksgiving travel season (Tuesday, November 20 through Sunday, November 25) to show up at least two hours before your scheduled departure time.

To reduce security checkpoint wait times, check out this list of prohibited items.

Christmas is coming…

The 41st Annual Zilker Park Festival of Lights is only 25 days away. Maintenance crews have begun to assemble the tree composed of over 3000 lights at the Zilker moonlight tower this week.

The official opening ceremony will be held on December 2.

photo / Veronica Hansen 

Red Light District

photo / Functoruser 

Watch out, Austin drivers – Downtown may soon become a Red Light District. Austin’s red light camera pilot program has ended, and the Austin City Council will soon approve funding for additional cameras to be installed around town.

From News8Austin:

Halloween haunts

Halloween haunts

Looking for something to do on Halloween? We have some ideas for you.

Hot Hondas

photo / Jemal 

Watch out Accord owners! The Austin Police Department has released vehicle theft statistics indicating that 358 of the popular Honda sedans have been broken into or stolen since January 2007. This is a marked increase of only 170 Honda Accord thefts in 2006.

Theft prevention tips from APD:

Lock your car.

Take your key.

Whole Foods takeover bid delayed, again

Whole Foods’ bid to buy out Boulder, Colorado-based organic grocer Wild Oats has been delayed by the Federal Trade Commission, despite a deal reached between the two companies in August.

photo / Todd Ross Nienkerk 

An FTC investigation conducted before the transaction contended:

APD officers are gonna look snazzy

APD officers are getting a maakeeovveeer this fall with new uniforms, badges, and patches — and a hot new paint job for their patrol cars.

Baked goods

photo / Shamanyx 

Two Dallas-area teenagers accused of baking marijuana-laced muffins and leaving them in their high school teacher’s lounge for faculty to “enjoy” have pled guilty to two second-degree felony charges of tampering with a consumer product and three charges of misdemeanor assault.

Under a plea bargain, they will serve seven years of probation, perform community service and pay a fine of $13,000.

MetroRail chugging along


Two commuter rail cars ordered by CapMetro have arrived from Europe. Four additional cars are expected to be delivered by April 2008.

Early voting starts today

Excersise your fingers and your right to vote starting today through November 2 at early voting locations throughout Travis County.

photo / Cave Canem 

Important ballot measures include:


Authorizes the Lege to reduce homestead taxes for disabled veterans.

I pranked you good!

Austin-area teens should be weary if their school is competing against Blanco High.

At a recent volleyball tournament against the Comfort High Deers, Blanco students cheering their team on held up a banner that said “Slaughter the Deer,” referencing both their opposing team and the “rotting, bloated carcass of a 90-pound doe [they left] in [Comfort High’s] bus” before winning the game.

It wasn’t too difficult to determine who the culprits were. A Comfort High parent “found a bloody trail leading from the bus to a nearby pickup.”

Overheard in Austin | Texas Union

overheard in austin

While waiting to pay at Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A cashier “Excuse me, sir. You can’t take those!” [pointing to ketchup packets]

Man holding Wendy’s bag [stares vacantly into the distance]

Cashier “Well… just this once.”

Fireman’s #4 in a bottle!

photo / Stephen Short 

Anyone who has dropped by Central Market in the past couple of weeks may already know this, but Real Ale Brewery has finally started bottling Fireman’s #4.

Yay alcohol!

A day at the Capitol

Calling all politicos and FY 2007 agriculture appropriations enthusiasts: That Other Paper has organized a Capitol grounds itinerary!