Todd Ross Nienkerk

Arthur Simone of ColdTowne is a pun champion

Photo / Arthur Simone, right, brandishes the coveted World Pun-Off Champion trophy. 

Speed traps for May 21-27

Speed traps (“traffic enforcement locations”) in Austin, Texas, for the week of May 21–25, 2007.

See me perform at Stool Pigeon tonight!

This is exactly what to expect! 

I’ll be the “guest of honor” at tonight’s Stool Pigeon at ColdTowne Theater (map).

Will Wynn sighting at Wahoo’s!

ITEM: Mayor Will Wynn wanted to eat a fish taco!

Last week, I was hanging out with information systems celeb whurley and enjoying a faaabulous blackened tilapia burrito at Wahoo’s Fish Taco. The restaurant had been closed for about half an hour, and the staff had already stacked chairs on the tables.

Grammar Police: You know your from Texas…


“You know your from Texas…” Facebook group 

I couldn’t resist. Join “You know your from Texas…” on Facebook!

SXSW feedback: my answers

SXSW, Inc. has begun soliciting feedback from SXSW badge holders. Here are some of my responses (I attended only the Interactive portion, so I didn’t have much to say about music or film):

Web 5.0 is here!

That Other Paper | Web 5.0 is here!

That Other Paper editors Todd Ross Nienkerk and David Strauss parody “Web 2.0” and Internet buzz-marketing at BarCampAustin II.

Announcing the launch of Austin’s ONLY Blog

Austin’s ONLY Blog is the official blog of That Other Paper. This is where TOP writers and editors will regularly post informal commentary about Austin, TOP-related news, and HOW TO GET RICH QUICK.

Mess with Texas (March 16-17, 2007)

Dozens of top comedians, bands, and musicians will be playing a FREE, two-day party during SXSW. “Curated” by David Cross, it’s one of the best free events at this year’s South by Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Festival for People Who Can Afford It.

Unfinished Intel building implodes into a choking cloud of dust

Did Austin blow the blow-up? That Other Paper was on the ground as onlookers were suddenly enveloped in a cloud of atomized concrete.

That Other Paper | Intel shell implosion

Photos from the Intel shell implosion

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Austinites gather beneath the shadow of things to come
Photos from the implosion of the Intel shell At 7:38am Sunday morning, the much-ballyhooed Intel shell was demolished in a series of blasts that caused it to collapse into itself. That Other Paper has exclusive photos from the scene.

The Great Blizzard of 2007

Austin’s Great Blizzard of 2007 was a snowstorm of epic proportions. How did you manage to escape the icy grasp of death during Austin’s meteorological crisis? Blizzard 2007: Tell your tale of survival!

TGI Friday’s

Specializing in fried appetizers, fried entrees, and fried desserts.

The Mohawk


Restaurant Jezebel

Blue Genie Art Bazaar: Christmas 2006

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Blue Genie Art Industries


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Punchline flyer designed by Aaron Stanush
On December 8, That Other Paper put on Punchline, a stand-up comedy open-mic night at ColdTowne Theater.