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Pentatonic for the soul: Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys

Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys

That Other Paper talks with Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach about analog equipment, digital copyright, and drop-stitch knitting (not really).

Ohmygod Liam

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That Other Paper interviews Liam Sullivan, the Los Angeles-based actor/comedian behind the parody music video “Shoes.”

That Other Paper In 1948, Swiss engineer George de Mestral returned home from a stroll to find his jacket covered with cockleburs. Being an inquisitive mind, de Mestral placed a cocklebur under a microscope and noticed it was covered in hundreds of tiny hooks. When pressed against the loops of fiber in his clothing, the hooks engaged, and the cockleburs stuck. It was at this moment – at the crossroads of inspiration and lucky coincidence – that de Mestral invented the hook-and-loop fastener that we know today as Velcro.