Harry Potter 7 leaks

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Well, it was only a matter of time before some jerk put Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows online. Scans of every single page of the most anticipated book in the history of books (I really don’t feel this is an overstatement) can be found on several file sharing sites. Of course, the authenticity of the book remains in question. I refuse to look at the scans because I am waiting for the definite genuine article. But from what I hear, it’s either the real thing, or an extremely convincing fake.

The tech-savvy will doubtlessly have no problem finding and downloading Harry’s final story. And if you do, DO NOT tell me what happens. I am waiting with the rest of the faithful for my hard copy.


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TOP editor

It can’t be real. The security around the books is insane. Like, this book’s security is more important than the President’s.

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Uh oh. I think it’s the real thing. I’ve already had text messages threatening me with the ending.
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Weher can i find the scans?
Can anyone help me?

Please excuse me i come from germany and my english is verry bad

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That Other Paper does not condone the act of providing users with the necessary assets to download illegal materials from the World Wide Web.

Read the FAQ, n00b.

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You should, then maybe more people would read your on-line rag.