Suze Orman is my hero

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If you’re fresh out of college, drowning in credit card and student loan debt, and your paltry salary at your crappy new job is barely paying your rent, Suze Orman’s The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke is most definitely the book for you.

Put aside the fact that the title is kind of awful. And forget the irony of spending $16 on a book that is supposed to teach you how to save money. After finishing this book, I feel like I know more about money now than I ever learned in any of my college classes. Let’s face it, everyone has a few questions as far as their money is concerned. Suze puts complicated financial terms into simple English, and her no-bullshit attitude is refreshing and endearing. She’ll help you get out of debt and on the road to saving for your retirement in no time.