A sex club for the rest of us

Having spent one stellar evening at The Wet Spot (recently renamed the Center for Sex Positive Culture) in Seattle, I’m not at all embarrassed to beg: please, please, please will some enterprising sex activist and/or millionaire step up to the plate and make this happen in Austin?

MSNBC just published one journalist’s account of his trip to CSPC. I think he protests a bit too much…

I have come this evening specifically for the Fire Play Seminar. I’m not sure what fire play is, and having learned a lesson when I casually asked a woman at a fetish convention about genital torture, I have not asked for details. But Allena tells me I’ll love it because it is one of the edgier modes of BDSM action.

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Can we get a petition going? :)

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I think for one thing, Austin might be too small to justify the effort, plus…who is going to go up against our bizarre sex laws? It would probably have to start small like a resource center first of all. Are the local sex shops and kink yahoo groups already filling that need? We need research!
Get on it RC!