Want a male birth control pill?

Sorry, you can’t have it. All the brainiacs over at Science blogs are telling you why right now.

Hint: It’s not so much about the science.

Some of them are saying it’s all about thumbs, as in, keeping women under them. Apparently there are some pharma contenders out there for male contraception but there are side effects–not that there aren’t weird effects with female pills–but men are much much more wussy about side effects. Can we agree on that? Maybe they’re just happy to let the ladies deal with them (see point #1 above). Others are pointing out that in the ethical economy of birth control, the woman has more to be concerned about and will naturally be more proactive and trustworthy.

Let’s have a little experiment. Would you trust a dude who said, yeah baby, I took my pill this morning?


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I think the release of a male bith control pill would result in a lot more babies. Obviosly lots of guys would say they are on the pill. That said I think some day there will be a pill. Some pharmo company will figure out how to make it profitable.