When morality makes bad policy

The very cool sex-pos forum Sex in the Public Square is doing a week-long focus on sex work, aka prostitution and it’s cousins. This is a topic you’ll probably see me squirm about in this space, but, as I have dear friends in the trade I’m trying to learn more and work out my positions on the subject.

Over at SIPS, Elizabeth highlighted this 13-minute film about US foreign aid for anti-trafficking and HIV prevention and how the US govt has tied it to an anti-prostitution pledge, making it much less effective. Sex-trafficking is a major problem – whether attacking prostitution is an effective strategy is debatable. The film is from the Network of Sex Work Projects, an international NGO of sex workers and organizations that provide services to sex workers globally and it features interviews with sex workers from around the world.

UPDATE: blip.tv’s embed code isn’t working. Film is here.