EXCLUSIVE: Prince is playing a private gig tonight at the Belmont

photo / jemsweb Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 PRIIIIIIIINCE! 

Inside sources tell That Other Paper that a very, very wealthy individual has commissioned Prince to fly to Austin and regale his wife with Princey hits and over-sexified renditions of “Happy Birthday.” (Sounds like someone needs some P Control.)

To ensure secrecy, he’s rented out the Belmont. The Events & Music section of the Belmont’s website reads:

The Belmont closed for Private Event 06-02-2007

The Belmont will be closed on Saturday, June 2, 2007 for a private event. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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I have discovered that Prince was paid $1 million to come to the Belmont and play 6 songs. Better be 6 really good songs.

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Anything the man plays is really good.

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Damn…i missed it…I LOVE HIM!

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John McHale is the “very, very, wealthy” person who dished up a paltry $1M for all of his vaneer-capped, smiling friends. McHale is part of a very elite group of technology bandits who have mastered the pyramid stock market pyramid scheme. (Here’s how it works: Find a really smart accountant and call him “CFO.” Then file paperwork with the SEC and offer up shlock company to the public. *Make sure you have a good PR agent too so you can really create a bunch of hysteria and boost the stock price. Then, find a crooked investment bank to go shop your crap to another really big and crooked company. BINGO! You are an instant multi-gazillionaire and can even bring back the Beatles for your grandpa’s 100th birthday.) The idea that a “philanthropist” throws a party for his wife with Prince for $1M is funny. Wait - Didn’t that crook from Global Crossings throw huge parties for his wife in Paris too? Oh yeah, he’s in jail….