Wired.com delivers Infinity and Verizon ads during Abu Ghraib slideshow

Wired.com posted some previously unseen photos of Abu Ghraib torture (NSFW) pulled from a presentation by Philip Zimbardo – the master psychologist behind the groundbreaking and unprecedented Stanford Prison Experiment – on how “ordinary people can, under the right circumstances, become evil.” Pretty gruesome stuff.

What really disturbed me, though, was the incredibly tasteless and intrusive advertising Wired.com threw at me when I tried to view the last photo in the slideshow: a 10-second Flash animation for the Infinity EX. Even worse, when the ad was done playing, it never refreshed to load the content I originally wanted. I just sat there staring at a luxury SUV.

screenshot from Wired.com 

Clicking the photo’s thumbnail a second time finally revealed the picture:

screenshot from Wired.com 

I realize they need to make money, but do advertisers really want their products to appear between pictures of a grinning blonde thumbs-upping a corpse and a naked man lying face-down next to a puddle of his own bloo– Wait… I didn’t know the Infinity EX was a luxury crossover!

Looks like I wasn’t the only user who stumbled across some poorly placed advertising:

screenshot from Wired.com 

What’s that brown stuff all over that guy’s fa– What?! Now I can add anyone I want to my Inner Circle of Top-Five Phone Phriends?

What an incredible display of disregard for the content of the images. Surely Wired.com can devise a way to allow its web editors to suppress inline ads for sensitive content.