Antiauthoritarian cities

Antiauthoritarian cities

Archaeologists have discovered that one of the oldest urban areas in the world was built in a way that completely defies conventional wisdom about how cities grow.

Mouse politics

Mouse politics

This ridiculous philosophical and pestilential situation started when I heard really loud squeaking from behind my bookcase — the one full of books on leftist activism and Marxist criticism.

Anonymity trouble

Anonymity trouble

He’s a nobody, a loner who lashes out at the world from his dismal cell, hiding behind his anonymity and destroying the good reputations of nice people. Where does this sad little man like to post his anonymous invective? Wikipedia, of course.

Foxing in the archive

Foxing in the archive

Paper archives are dangerous.

Kids safer online than ever before!

Kids safer online than ever before!

Perhaps the Web has actually made it harder for children to find pornography.

Pain and fun

Annalee Newitz: Pain and fun

A couple of economic researchers have proven via scientific experimentation something that artists have known for millennia: People can feel pain and have fun at the same time.

Futures not taken

Annalee Newitz: Futures not taken

The future is a crowded graveyard, full of dead possibilities.

iPhone politics

Annalee Newitz: iPhone politics

The marketing maestros at Apple have turned the iPhone into the summer’s biggest consumer electronics blockbuster, and they didn’t even have to pay Michael Bay millions of bucks to write robot piss jokes to do it.

‘Transformers’ without irony

Annalee Newitz: 'Transformers' without irony

It shouldn’t be too surprising that computer-generated imagery is the perfect tool for demonstrating how cars morph into robots. Haven’t you always wished that one day your boring old Prius would twist itself into a gigantic alien robot from the planet Cybertron?

Nevermind the steampunk

Annalee Newitz: Nevermind the steampunk

I think the search for an over-the-top tech aesthetic is driving the current craze for steampunk, a design and fashion style that combines Victorian sensibilities with contemporary gizmos.

The future of paper

Annalee Newitz: The future of paper

Twenty years from now, paper will no longer be a tool for mass communication. Instead it will be a substance akin to plastic, a mere fabricated building material with industrial and consumer applications.

True torrent spies

Annalee Newitz: True torrent spies

It’s no big surprise that entertainment megacorp Columbia is suing more file sharers. But there is something quite shocking about its latest infringement lawsuit against Web site

Google my bedroom

Annalee Newitz: Google my bedroom

Columnist Annalee Newitz discusses Street View, Google’s shiny new toy.

Wikipedia activism

Annalee Newitz: Wikipedia activism

Columnist Annalee Newitz questions Wikipedia’s notability guideline.

Green libertarians

Annalee Newitz: Green libertarians

Green libertarianism could become the new reformist movement in politics and cultural life.

09 F9

Annalee Newitz: 09 F9

I have a number, and therefore I am a free person.

We can be heroes

Annalee Newitz: We can be heroes

Imagine a world where your genome isn’t just the result of long-term natural selection and random mutation.

Myth of the universal library

Annalee Newitz: Myth of the universal library

A lot of Web geeks believe that one day everything ever created by humans will be available online. Call it the myth of the universal library.

Stop getting things done

Annalee Newitz: Stop getting things done | That Other Paper

Ferriss’s GTD (“getting things done”) plan is so extreme that it winds up revealing the dark side of productivity mania. Many of his time-saving techniques depend on making other people work more.

How to control my body

Annalee Newitz: How to control my body | That Other Paper

I say if we can take pills that free us from having to deal with the monthly goo and bother, then let’s do it.