Overheard in Austin

Overheard in Austin | Target

overheard in austin

Target (183 and Ohlen Rd)

Little boy in a shopping cart “Nooooo! What if that’s a bomb?”

His mother, who is looking at storage bins “Sweetie, you may not watch the news anymore.”

Overheard in Austin | Ringers

overheard in austin


Woman in tiny tube top and terrible lipstick, stumbling with Long Island iced tea “Do you know someone who needs a nanny?”

Overheard in Austin | H-E-B checkout line

overheard in austin

10:50p H-E-B checkout line (Oltorf and Congress)

Cashier “Mmmm… gold potatoes. Love these, but haven’t had ’em in a while. Must be nice to be able to afford food like this.”

Overheard in Austin | Ventana del Soul

overheard in austin

3pm at Ventana del Soul on Oltorf

Barista “We’re not giving away Jesus pens, we’re not giving away Satan-worshipping pens, and we’re not giving away flying spaghetti monster pens.”

Overheard in Austin | Guadalupe

overheard in austin

12:30pm on Guadalupe St

Woman on her cell phone “Damn, girl. How many times have you been pregnant?”

Overheard in Austin | H-E-B

overheard in austin

At H-E-B (Hancock Center)

Woman on her cell phone “Yeah, man, doctors always be finding out shit wrong with you.”

Overheard in Austin | While walking on the UT campus

overheard in austin

While walking on the UT campus…

Ditzy girl on her cell phone “So it’s been really really hard because I gave up pizza and Facebook for Lent…”

Girl to her friend “I started getting really dizzy so I switched to wine.”

Overheard by Blair Shiff

Overheard in Austin | La Tapatia

overheard in austin

Couple at La Tapatia

Woman “That’s how we do when we do flauta.”

Man “What?”

Woman [with more emphasis] “THAT’S HOW WE DO WHEN WE DO FLAUTA!!”

Overheard by Andy Jordan