Scrapping Baldwins at the house of Egerton

Matt Stuart Morton Fencer 
Matt Stuart Octopoleon 

Owen Egerton, author of How Best to Avoid Dying, is opening his home tomorrow evening to an exhibition of Matt Stuart’s unique art. From Egerton:

Matt Stuart’s work is full of scrapping Baldwins, lovesick Napoleons and the kinds of surprise beauty that makes me shiver. He’s had showings in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Whittier. [T]his is his first in Austin… They’ll be martinis and goodies, but feel free to bring some of your own as well.

Stuart will exhibit 10-15 new pieces, including some from his Fencers collection and some brand-new, never-before-seen linocuts. Several examples of Stuart’s work is available on his website at

The tiniest birthday

they so tiny 

The Tiniest Bar in Texas is kind of easy to miss if you’ve never been because, it’s, well, tiny. No one has any idea where they got their name. Anyway, if you’ve never been, there’s no nicer time to go than tonight – they’ll be celebrating their one-year anniversary.

Enjoy live music from Karaoke Apocalypse, a local band that invites anyone to sign up before the show to get onstage with them and be their lead singer. You can see their playlist here. (If you want to sing, it’s best to sign up as early as possible because the list usually fills up fast.) It’s free to get in tonight, and they’ll have drink specials, so come by and wish The Tiniest Bar in Texas a happy first birthday.

7–10pm | FREE

The Tiniest Bar in Texas
817 W 5th St • Austin, TX

Overheard in Austin | Alamo Drafthouse

overheard in austin

Couple obviously on first date at Alamo Drafthouse Village

Guy Hmmm. I could get a pizza and save half for lunch tomorrow.

Girl You could do that.

Guy I have this horrible fear that I would eat all of it.

John Cornyn goes viral

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Republican US Senator John Cornyn Big John is taking a page out of Bush’s book for his re-election campaign – he’s channeling the Texas Cowboy. Cornyn’s latest campaign ad features a slideshow of Cornyn in cowboy garb set to music that sounds like the guy that writes Hallmark cards, Johnny Cash, and tribal Africa got high and decided to write a song about politics. According to Cornyn’s spokespeople, the ad was intended as a “light-hearted, humorous piece” just for the Texas State Convention, but of course they knew that something that ridiculous would get out. The video went viral and even Jon Stewart made fun of it.

The Happiest Hours: Mars

the happiest hours

Mars Restaurant & Bar

This happy hour is for folks who still don’t mind spending a little money, but it’s a good deal when you consider you’re saving about three bucks per specialty drink. They also discount seven items off the appetizer menu, including spring rolls, pot stickers, and hummus. Very upscale feel, romantic. There’s a sprawling patio shaded by a huge live oak, too.

3pm–7pm weekdays. 3pm–5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Mars Restaurant & Bar
1400 S Congress Ave • 472-3901