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Punchline flyer designed by Aaron Stanush
On December 8, That Other Paper put on Punchline, a stand-up comedy open-mic night at ColdTowne Theater.

Big Star’s big start

Pasties, sword-swallowers, jugglers — the February debut of Austin’s newest gem can’t come soon enough.

The new coffee in the break room is really something else

A new blend of coffee in the break room has Neil Jorgensen, Project Manager III within Accounts Receivable, optimistic about his future at The Company.

I’m golfing my problems away

I'm golfing my problems away For active stock broker Thomas Oltman, golf has become the sole bright spot in a bleak, lonely existence.

TOP picks: Dec 6-12

The Black Keys, taxidermy, and our very own stand-up show… That Other Paper's picks for December 6-12

Queer as mud

I have a serious problem. I’ve always had trouble picking boyfriends. Every single guy I date winds up eventually coming out. It’s to the point where I’m starting to get a reputation with my friends. Is there even a way to tell if I guy I date is gay?